Capital Market Services

We provide support to capital market transactions at a local level and on a global scale. We help manage and administer a wide range of deal structures, from securitizations to project finance and syndicated loans providing capital market solutions to public and private companies, financial institutions, private equity, and asset managers.

The International Capital Markets serves as the system by which governments, banks, and companies can gain access to capital to assist in their borrowing and investment requirements for various purposes including, but not limited to, capital expenditure, acquisition ambitions, and refinancing of existing debt.

Amicorp is an International, independent, and dependable corporate trust and agency services provider. Irrespective of your company size, Amicorp can assist you and your company with any business requirements you may have. Our geographical reach and our team of experts means that you can rely on our integrated service offering, whether through establishing your special purpose vehicle (SPV) or a need for a reliable trustee who can take and hold security in multiple jurisdictions. At Amicorp, we offer clients a wide range of Capital Market services.

Our services

We provide integrated service delivery across multiple jurisdictions. At the same time, we offer a single point of contact, we speak your language, and we can seamlessly assist with all your business activities. Clients benefit from our creative, innovative, and strategic solutions. As an independent service provider, our services include but are not limited to securitizations, special purpose vehicle (SPV) management, agency, and trustee services for transactions worldwide.

Our Capital Market service offerings include:

Agency Services
  • Security / Collateral Agent
  • Administrative / Facility Agent
  • Cash Administrator/ Calculation Agent
  • Asset / Cash Safekeeping
  • Monitoring Agent
  • Paying Agent/ Process Agent
  • Document Safekeeping Agent
  • Validation Agent/ Verification Agent
  • Loan Agency Services
  • Intercreditor Agent
  • Escrow Agent
Trustee Services
Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) management services
Securitization services
Alternative Asset Management
Auxiliary services

For more detailed information about our services, for inquiries or proposal requests, please contact an Amicorp office near you or contact our dedicated team of experts. You can also send us an inquiry at

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