Our clients are our number one priority.

At Amicorp, we thoroughly evaluate our clients’ specific needs and create customized solutions to fulfill them. We have found that developing personal and long-term relationships with our clients and maintaining a free and open exchange of information is key to understanding their needs and providing them with unparalleled service.

Our multilingual professional staff ensures that this constant communication flows smoothly, while delivering legal, corporate, secretarial, bookkeeping, invoicing and payroll services to meet our clients' needs. Amicorp’s comprehensive range of services completely covers each structure we develop. These services range from providing directors and ownership solutions to accounting, invoicing and logistical services.

Meeting our client’s specific individual requirements is of utmost importance to us. Our well-established network of external professionals enables us to customize solutions to fit each unique situation, using the appropriate features of the services listed here (and more) − either individually or combined to create a flexible, cohesive solution.

Amicorp works in line with the latest international standards on preventing money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion. Global transparency has taken on added meaning with the advent of FATCA, Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) legislation. At Amicorp we ensure that all our clients are in compliance with local and international regulations, and we only accept clients who understand this.

We do this by maintaining our “four pillars of assurance”, firstly that the client is fully compliant, with all compliance is in order, and we fully understand the purpose of the structure.  Secondly, that the entity is in good standing and meets all requirements and deadlines in its country of establishment. Thirdly, the client complies with reporting requirements in his country of residence, and where we need to report income in his home country, we do so. Finally, we ensure that all transactions are fully monitored. All funds that flow through a structure managed by Amicorp are fully understood and where necessary documented. At Amicorp we maintain full control over bank accounts and timely accounting, and we monitor our client portfolios continuously. For every structure, both corporate and private, we make sure we understand where funds have come from and how it has been earned, and that this fits the client’s profile. For corporate clients we must ensure that the structure works in today’s BEPS environment and that we have sufficient control over the structure. For all entities in which we are directors, trustees or managing partners we also perform all the accounting.

Note: Amicorp does not provide legal or tax consulting or asset management services and/or advice. Potential clients are advised to obtain legal, tax (or asset management) advice in each jurisdiction where they will be active. Amicorp regularly refers to and liaises with both legal and tax experts in all our operation jurisdictions.