Estate & Succession Planning

Amicorp offers a range of estate and succession planning solutions. These solutions allow families to transition their wealth from one generation to the next. Our professionals include experienced wealth structurers and business developers, knowledgeable in fulfilling the needs of families and in structuring these families' worldwide assets in a way that protects the wealth and interests of their future generations.

Our professionals have access to the full range of Amicorp's global network, including its third party offering. We go to great lengths to offer families maximum value and personalized service. We are at the forefront of delivering a full range of compliant solutions, supported by our secure industry leading IT infrastructure and systems.

With our experience, the right attitude and trusting relationships  we support our clients with all their requirements for an efficient and successful transfer of family assets to the next generations.

Our services

  • Estate and Succession Planning:
  • In coordination with tax, inheritance, and estate law experts, Amicorp can establish and administer estate planning and succession structures for global families. We are uniquely positioned to complement intermediary solutions in investment structuring, trade transactions, asset protection, tax planning, business and family succession, and estate planning. We can also protect clients' assets against excessive financial claims.

  • Relocation and Immigration Services:
  • Supporting families in selecting their new place of residence, based on preferences of the families, lifestyle, education establishments, medical facilities, as well as providing structuring solutions for any assets or businesses which remain in their country of origin. We work with and have an extensive network of property specialists, legal professionals, tax authorities, and global medical insurance providers in several jurisdictions.

  • Family Office Support Services:
  • For specific groups of ultra-high-net-worth families, Amicorp provides private office services that are independent from any banking and asset management relations the client may already have. We assist in the set-up of a single-family office or selection of a multi-family office provider. We provide fiduciary and administrative support, IT support, wealth consolidation reports, mapping of client and families' legal structures and tangible assets.

  • Marine & Aviation for private use:
  • Coordination with specialists in the maritime and aviation field with regards to registration, liaison with local authorities, insurances and maintenance of the vehicles.

For more information on how we can assist you please contact your local Amicorp office.

Our professionals