At Amicorp Group, we recognize the value of up-to-date financial information in making the right strategic decisions and maintaining effective financial control over your business. We also know business priorities and strategies can change, brought on by changing economic or market conditions, and that businesses need to be able to react accordingly to stay competitive. Having timely numbers on hand makes it easier to keep your financials in check and ensure you are well placed to respond to changing opportunities.

Which is why we have introduced a Periodic Accounting service. Besides offering a comprehensive range of solutions to support clients with their annual statutory accounts, our highly qualified team are now also able to provide quarterly and monthly accounting updates to give you greater flexibility, more control and peace of mind when it comes to managing your business’ finances and cash flow.


More effective financial control and cash flow management, including:

  • Richer data to deliver more accurate forecasts
  • Better understanding of seasonal trends – and where to adjust operational costs accordingly
  • Easier to identify wider cost savings, and where to potentially make spending cuts
  • Supports monthly invoicing and payments processes
  • Easier to spot any accounting anomalies and address those quicker


  • We can tailor an accounting solution to suit your needs – one that provides management information and reporting analysis, consolidation, and any ad-hoc financial reporting as and when needed
  • We can open the door to additional services – such as integrated payroll services, budgeting, cash flow, and treasury support – through our integrated platform
  • We can integrate your accounts with your internet banking for real-time accounting, eliminating the need for paper statements and file sharing
  • We offer a single-source solution that also gives you access to Valuation Services, Research and Analysis, and Strategic Consulting services across our global ecosystem
  • We ensure your financial data is safe and secure – with industry leading encryption protocols, tight access controls and cloud backup systems in place
  • We strive for customer excellence – with a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals that will ensure a smooth and seamless transition, and provide comprehensive support that builds trusted and lasting relations with you and your team

If you would like to find out more about our Periodic Accounting services, please contact the team here.