AmiLife is part of the Amicorp Group and offers Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) products on the Platform. Customized solutions tailored to individual needs. Insurance solutions for flexible and secure estate planning and transfer of assets.

FlexPlan provides our clients with a transparent Single Premium Life Insurance PPLI which is a bespoke solution that allows you to define a legacy plan tailored to your family’s current needs whilst retaining the flexibility to adjust your plans according to any future changes in your family’s circumstances and external environment. Every policy is tailored to your needs with regards to the level of death benefit coverage, asset management, beneficiaries, surrender options, etc.

FlexPlan is an ideal choice for high-net-worth individuals, which is underlined by the minimum policy amount of USD 1 million, and the ability to support your complex estate planning requirements, which were not addressed by retail products. Our team of professionals are able to customize solutions based on your individual requirements. Flexplan’s is tailored to optimize your succession, estate planning and asset management.

FlexPlan will safeguard your assets and the management of these assets, ensuring peace of mind for you knowing your assets will be transferred according to your wishes – the key to any estate planning.

Key benefits of FlexPlan include:

  • A bespoke solution that allows the client to define a legacy plan tailored to their family’s current needs while retaining the flexibility to adjust their plans according to any future changes in the family’s circumstances or in the external environment
  • FlexPlan is a recognized legal format in most countries worldwide
  • Provision for retirement and legacy planning
  • Wealth accumulation and asset diversification
  • Efficient holding of onshore and offshore assets
  • Competitive pricing along with efficient product set-up
  • No medical examination required
  • Ensures peace of mind for clients when transferring assets as part of their estate planning