Remko van Ekelen
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Remko van Ekelen

Managing Director

Remko van Ekelen was born in the Netherlands and spent most of his life working and living abroad. Since 2001 he has been based in Zurich, Switzerland. He holds a doctorate from Newport University, a MM in Corporate Finance from the University of Dallas, and an MBA in International Finance from the European University.

Remko has held various senior positions at prominent banks in Luxembourg and Switzerland. In Switzerland, he ran a niche acquisition team specialized in wealth management for trust structures, security brokerage, and transactional management at Banque Pasche SA. Before joining Banque Pasche SA, he worked at ING Bank (Switzerland) AG and with a select group of international private clients, structuring their wealth structures and investment needs. In Luxembourg at Deutsche Bank (Luxembourg) SA, he gained considerable experience in project finance and the syndicated loan market.

Since 2012 he has been working on the global expansion of the Amergeris Wealth Management Group, which is now fully integrated into Amicorp Group. At Amergeris and Amicorp, Remko is responsible for expanding the international wealth management, brokerage, and securitization business. He has worked on many international securitization, asset placements, and structuring transactions. Remko’s clients are institutional (banks, funds, third-party asset managers) and private clients. He has extensive experience in emerging markets in, which he has been operating since 1998.

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