Amicorp Trustees (South Dakota), LLC

Amicorp Dakota
South Dakota is best known for its progressive trust, privacy, tax, and asset protection laws. It was the first state in the United States of America to introduce a trust protector statute. In 1983, it abolished the common law rule against perpetuities, thereby allowing trusts to be established in perpetuity.

Located in Sioux Falls, Amicorp Trustees (South Dakota), LLC offers trustee services to South Dakota Foreign Trusts, both directed and delegated. These are excellent wealth management vehicles that provide a wide range of unparalleled benefits for non-US families.

Advantages of South Dakota:

  • Modern trust laws
  • No state income, capital gains, dividends, interest or intangible taxes
  • Unlimited trust duration
  • Strong asset protection legislation
  • Trusts can hold all types of assets, including the funding of trusts with private placement life insurance policies
  • Legislation in place preventing forced heirship claims under the laws of non-US jurisdictions
  • South Dakota’s trust decanting, modification and reformation process is cost-effective, swift (2 – 14 days), and extremely private
  • South Dakota has an automatic total seal in perpetuity statute thereby offering comprehensive privacy in trust matters involving courts.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish.