Amicorp Singapore
Amicorp Singapore provides transactional, management and administration services to SMEs, Funds and large multinational enterprises. Amicorp Singapore is a full service office providing Company and Trust structuring, management and administration for our clients. Our professional team has the business expertise to work seamlessly with entrepreneurs, professional advisors and managers, financial institutions, and large enterprises to support your Singapore business.

The operational capabilities of Amicorp Singapore permit a variety of structures to be originated, managed and administered for different stakeholders:

The Singapore Company
  • Strategically located gateway to Asia;
  • Solid commercial base of operations;
  • Time zone appropriate for most countries;
  • Reputation for transparency and efficiency;
  • Stable government and political system;
  • Certainty of law and legal system;
  • Low corporate income tax (17%) and no custom duties;
  • Resilient economy during past financial crises;
  • Natural incubator for start-ups and investments; and
  • Wide network of tax and trade investment treaties.
Profile of a Private Limited Company
Profile of a Private Limited Company
The Annual Statutory Compliance Cycle
  • Typical year end for Singapore companies is 31 December. However, there is no restriction.
  • First Annual filing must be completed no more than 18 months from date of incorporation.
  • Company income tax payments are made on monthly instalments based on the filing of the Estimated Tax Income. The final tax liability is determined based on an assessment generally within 6 months of submission of the income tax return. A balancing amount will be added / deducted from the monthly instalments.
Other Services
Standardized Incorporations
Transactional Services
Management and Governance
Back Office Service Suite

The relationship management of Amicorp Singapore is organized into specific market teams to match our experience and expertise with our clients. Languages spoken include English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Dutch, and French.