Amicorp Shanghai
Amicorp has been serving the Chinese market for over 10 years, first from our office in Hong Kong and since 2006 from offices in Mainland China.

Located in the financial hub of the People’s Republic of China, Amicorp (Shanghai) Consultants Ltd. serves foreign clients entering the Chinese market and Chinese clients developing overseas strategies. Amicorp delivers services through strategic working relationships with local and international law firms, accounting firms, financial advisors, private equities, banks and other key intermediaries.

The Shanghai office assists with setting up international legal structures, such as companies, partnerships, trusts, foundations, and funds, used in international planning for cross-border investments, trading, financing, licensing, asset management and other transactions.

Amicorp Shanghai’s most popular services include distributing information about the Chinese commerce system, and structuring trade and investments into and out of China.

For Chinese Outbound Investments

For some time now, state-owned entities have been making outbound investments in natural resources. An increasing number of Chinese companies are following suit, using outbound investments to acquire distribution partners and technical or management know-how, or to expand their market reach. To ensure that these investments are structured efficiently and effectively, Amicorp helps clients set up and maintain holding, financing, and leasing companies in over 30 jurisdictions.

For Chinese Inbound Investments

Already one of the safest destinations for global investors, the PRC unified its tax system in 2008. The simplified local tax system and an extensive treaty network offer investors many opportunities for structuring trans-border investments and more tax efficient trading.

Some tax treaties provide more beneficial withholding tax rates than others. The China-Hong Kong and China-Singapore treaties, for example, allow very beneficial dividend, interest and royalty withholding tax rates.

In particular, Amicorp Shanghai can:

  • Establish Chinese entities and related holding structures, and provide on-going administration services for them, including bookkeeping, tax filing and other consistent compliance assurance;
  • Establish international entities in more than 30 jurisdictions and provide on-going administration services;
  • Implement structures for outbound investment, trading, financing (including listing), licensing, asset management and other cross-border transactions;
  • Coordinate establishment and administration of funds in various jurisdictions;
  • Establish trusts or private foundations for high net worth individuals for estate and investment planning purposes;
  • Create international trade structures that are compliant with current transfer pricing rules;
  • Provide other tailor-made international structuring and administration services;
  • Act as liaison with international professionals.

Languages spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Dutch, and German