Amicorp Brazil
Amicorp do Brasil Ltda. in São Paulo is an Amicorp Group service and representative office, serving primarily Brazil.

We work with a wide network of law firms, tax advisors, banks and financial advisors throughout the country. We assist in structuring international direct investments and joint ventures into Brazil, as well as with the administration of Brazil-linked mutual funds and special purpose vehicles.

Amicorp Brazil assists with setting up international corporate structures for Brazilian companies and private investors who wish to establish or reorganize their international presence.

We use our significant experience with the following structures when serving clients:

  • International trade structures compliant with the current international transfer pricing rules;
  • International tax treaties for effectively planning withholding taxes on royalties, interest and dividends;
  • Personal investment companies from low tax jurisdictions for individual investors aimed at diversification of investments, and personal income tax planning;
  • Limited partnerships from Europe or New Zealand and limited companies from the US for worldwide investment purposes, including investments into Brazilian companies and for investment into the Brazilian financial market;
  • Private foundations and trusts for succession planning purposes;
  • Mutual funds for groups of investors with different investment policies;
  • European holding companies, as subsidiaries of Brazilian corporations, considering Brazilian CFC taxation on foreign profits;
  • Licensing, financing, technical assistance and servicing company structures to facilitate international transactions;
  • Aircraft and ship leasing and registration structures for using foreign aircraft or ships in Brazil.

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and French

Our Team

Milton Maeda - Sales officer - Marketing & Sales Manager
Luiza Bins - Sales Officer