Amicorp Trustees (India) Private Limited (ATIPL), specializes in offering individualized solutions, and in line with this, we cater to each clients’ unique requirement.

ATIPL, an integral part of Amicorp Group, concentrates exclusively on estate & succession planning services. We provide tailor-made solutions for effective estate and succession planning, fund structuring, company management services, family enterprise consulting, escrow, and custodial services.

Some of these estate and succession planning services include:


We offer drafting, registration, and safe custody of wills.

Trust formation

  • Drafting of trust deeds and other ancillary documents
  • Registration of trust deeds
  • Management of Trust as trustee or managing trustee

Executorship services

  • Obtaining a letter of administration and probate from the court
  • Identifying assets of the testator
  • Distributing the assets to the beneficiaries

Trustees or managing trustees

  • Smooth administration of the Trust
  • Providing a clear structure that will support the objectives of the family well into the future
  • Smooth transmission of assets with the minimum administrative hassle
  • Managing trust assets with professional guidance and efficient management
  • Family welfare and distribution of trust assets as expressed in the trust deed
  • Secure the interests of Beneficiaries
  • Assistance in the filing of tax returns on behalf of the Trust
  • Providing a clear structure that will support the objectives of the family well into the future
  • Meeting the compliance and regulatory requirements


Trust structures are now being expediently used as an instrument for succession. It also helps secure the interest and income distribution to the beneficiaries of the Trust. Trust structure also helps to safeguard the business and personal assets and ensure distribution of the assets as per the desire of the settlor or the patriarch.

  • Control over the assets: A trust gives you control over how the beneficiary receives the assets; for example, if you leave a large sum of money to your child in a trust, the Trust can set forth how and when the child will receive the money after you are gone.
  • If re-introduced in India, estate duty protection: The Trust may provide protection from any estate duty laws.
  • Asset protection: In some situations, it is possible to protect your assets by settling them under a trust, and in this manner, the assets are safe from claims made by the settlor's creditors.
  • Consolidated holding: It works as a single platform and holds all the family's investments.
  • Philanthropy: The Settlor may set up a philanthropy initiative and fund it via the Trust.


We have the expertise to provide personalized structured solutions for clients with wealth in India, assets in multiple jurisdictions, beneficiaries spread across the globe; we focus on asset protection, business and family succession, inheritance tax planning, and any other service based on the clients’ requirements.

Languages spoken: English and Hindi.

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