Amicorp Mumbai Trustee
With professionals located in offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi, Amicorp Trustees India (ATIPL) is well positioned to assist you manage your assets to benefit you and your family the best way possible.

Our dedicated teams specialize in onshore estate and succession planning services. We have the expertise to provide personalized structured solutions for multiple families i.e. joint and nuclear families, family businesses and individuals in India. Through estate planning you can determine how to handle the management of your assets for your own benefit during your lifetime or to fence in the assets for the benefit of your spouse and/or children, and you can plan how to distribute your assets after your death.

Our services are aimed at high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and family businesses and focus on asset protection, business and family succession and estate planning, thereby planning for unforeseen eventualities. We engage in the effective management and administration of assets of family members with different residential status, protecting wealth from personal and legal risks. We offer inheritance and retirement planning, generation skipping and distribution of assets as per the client’s wish and not as per the personal law.

We offer comprehensive solutions for estate and succession planning, fund structuring, fund incorporation & administration services, company management services, family enterprise consulting, escrow and custodial services. Our services also include a full range of support services related to wills, executorship services and family governance.

We invite you to contact any one of our dedicated team of experts to discuss your individual requirements.

Our Team

Reshma Chopde (Sales Director)