Amicorp Mumbai Trustee
Amicorp Trustees (India) Private Limited, founded in January 2012, specializes in onshore estate and succession planning for Indian resident and NRI, offering the most appropriate solutions by adhering to Indian and worldwide laws.

Services Offered:

  • Trust formation
  • Corporate trustee
  • Management trustee or trust administration
  • Will drafting
  • Executorship services
  • Custodian services

Key Objectives of Estate / Succession Planning:

  • Protection of assets (movable & immovable)
  • Avoidance of dispute / conflicts within or outside the Family
  • Planning for unforeseen eventualities
  • Consolidation of family assets under one legal structure
  • Effectively management and administration of assets of family members with different residential status
  • Inheritance & retirement planning
  • Generation skipping
  • Distribution of assets as per ones wish and not as per the personal law

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

For more detailed information about Amicorp’s service offering, our commitment to global transparency and compliance, and Amicorp’s own four pillars of Assurance, please visit our Services page.