Amicorp Montevideo
AMICORP URUGUAY S.A. was established in 2013 in Montevideo, a significant regional financial center. It is modern and transparent and is experiencing considerable growth, due to the fact that Uruguay offers macroeconomic stability, significant legal guarantees and an advantageous tax system. AMICORP URUGUAY S.A. services the large base of private banks, commodities firms, law firms, tax advisers and financial consultants.

One of the Uruguayan instruments which are popular is the Sociedad Anónima (SAU) which is a private company with limited liability established under the laws of Uruguay. Typically, this structure is used for possession of assets, a holding company, and trading operations.

The tax regime is based on the territorial source principle, which taxes income sourced in Uruguay only. Uruguayan-sourced income is that obtained from activities carried out, goods located or rights economically exploited in Uruguay. Therefore, the activities of the SAU outside the Uruguayan territory or assets located outside it are not taxed in Uruguay, except in the case of exporting of goods or services abroad from Uruguay. The capital gains and dividends can be repatriated without restriction and no withholding tax may apply.

Uruguay companies are particularly interesting as international trading and holding entities.

Other products and services offered by Amicorp Uruguay S.A. are: Limited Liability Company (SRL); Free Trade Zone Companies, Trust Administration and Trust Assets in Guaranty, Succession Trusts, International residency services.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish and Portuguese

For more detailed information about Amicorp’s service offering, our commitment to global transparency and compliance, and Amicorp’s own four pillars of Assurance, please visit our Services page.