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Mexico has a total population of 130 million people with an average age of under 30 years old; it is the second-largest economy in Latin America and a distinctive place for investment and business opportunities. The country has a unique combination of competitive labor costs, an outstanding geographical location connecting North and South America, and free trade agreements with the most important economies in the world.

Amicorp International Services SA de CV is an Amicorp Group service and representative office. We work with a vast network of top law firms, tax advisors and financial professionals throughout the country to benefit our clients.

We work with the most reputable and successful wealth investment managers and planners seeking an optimal structured solution for their clients to maximize returns, protect downside risk, and provide efficient estate plans.

We assist in structuring international investments and joint ventures into Mexico, as well as Mexican companies and private investors looking to expand or reorganize their global presence. 

We provide local knowledge, a single point of contact and significant experience in:

  • International and financial structuring of legal vehicles, including global corporate management services for various types of entities and different jurisdictions;
  • Setting up of private foundations and trusts for succession planning purposes;
  • Mutual funds for groups of investors with different investment policies;
  • Licensing, financing, technical assistance and servicing company structures to facilitate international transactions.

Amicorp Mexico office has access to the Group's expertise and network of 700+ professionals worldwide in 40 plus offices in over 30 countries.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish.

Our Executive Team

Erick Flores (Managing Director)