Amicorp Luxembourg
Amicorp Luxembourg S.A. provides all Group products and services, including establishing and managing Luxembourg companies and investment funds, providing directors, bank account establishment and management, and extensive interaction with other international jurisdictions.

Amicorp offers specialized experience in trading structures, real estate holding structures, asset securitizations, foreign branch structures, licensing companies, finance companies, and investment fund setup.

As long ago as 1929, the government demonstrated a commitment to developing Luxembourg as a financial center by creating a flexible, innovative legal framework in keeping with the needs of the local and international business community. As a result, Luxembourg is an excellent jurisdiction for international tax planning, holding and financial structures.

Today, Luxembourg is the largest European fund domicile and the second largest fund center in the world after the US. The innovative approach extends to the creation of several legal regimes which allow investors to plan their investments through a wide range of special purpose vehicles like the SICAR, securitization, the specialized investment fund, and private wealth management companies.

Luxembourg also offers a tax-efficient holding company called the Soparfi, which is a widely used corporate investment vehicle for many global and regional holding and financing activities with numerous tax benefits and exemptions. The Soparfi benefits from all of the bilateral tax treaties signed by Luxembourg with all EU Member States and with a number of other countries.

Finally, Luxembourg offers a highly qualified, multilingual workforce and an attractive international financial center.

Languages spoken: French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and Dutch.