Amicorp UK
AMICORP (UK) LIMITED provides all Group products and services. In addition, Amicorp's UK office offers a host of specialized services, among which are administration, corporate secretarial, VAT, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and director and nominee shareholder services. Further benefits can be derived from the office's extensive experience in company and limited liability partnership formation and administration, technical accounting, and in-house trading and financial structures.

The United Kingdom has the largest network of double income taxation agreements in the world, thus offering extensive benefit realization through UK structures. Added to this significant advantage is the absence of withholding taxes on dividends paid to non-UK residents.

Typical structures used for international tax planning include UK agency companies, UK LLPs, UK holding companies, UK royalty companies, and Irish companies. For more information about structuring through the United Kingdom and Amicorp UK services, please see the specialized Amicorp UK brochure.

Languages spoken: English, Italian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Portuguese, and French