Amicorp South Africa Pty Ltd was established in 2011. The office is located in Bryanston, Sandton, one of the major business hubs in South Africa and the African Continent.

South Africa offers a unique combination of a highly developed economic infrastructure and an emerging-market economy and has recently joined the BRIC countries (subsequently changing the acronym to BRICS), an international organization of leading emerging market countries.

South Africa has many commercial advantages for local and foreign investors. The most obvious are:

  • A sizeable economy, relative to the rest of the continent
  • Highly developed infrastructure
  • Relative political stability
  • No restriction on foreign ownership of assets
  • Companies can be 100% foreign-owned
  • Funds for non-residents not blocked or subject to the onerous payment process
  • Financial institutions' world-class' and highly liquid in local and foreign currencies
  • Advanced 'first-world' legal system for asset protection, property ownership, investment protection, and the like
  • A firmly established "first-world" financial services and banking environment
  • An extensive network of tax treaties
  • World-class communications network
  • Boasts a first-class private health care system and excellent private and semi-private schooling from pre-school to university level

Amicorp South Africa works with corporates looking to expand their operations into the African continent, Europe (both central and eastern), the Middle East, India, and China, or to perfect and execute a new corporate strategy for profit optimization. Besides being strong from a technical structuring perspective, the office has a solid corporate finance and investment banking background.

Amicorp works with and assists private clients with their estate planning needs, investment return optimization, and asset protection; we have extensive experience working with private clients.


We have excellent and well-placed relationships with some of South Africa's top legal and accounting firms, with whom we work to benefit our clients. We also work with reputable and successful wealth investment managers and planners seeking optimal structured solutions for their respective clients to maximize return, protect downside risk, and of course, provide for an efficient estate plan.

Amicorps office in South Africa has access to the entire group's expertise and network across the globe in 40 plus offices and over 30 countries.


We provide structured financial & fiduciary trust and corporate solutions. Specifically, we provide a structured solution using trusts and companies set up offshore to give optimum solutions to either an investment estate plan or corporate strategy. Also, Amicorp South Africa specializes in providing an entity incorporation service for international corporates looking to expand into the South African market. This service encompasses the full suite from incorporation to secretarial, regulatory, fiduciary, tax registration & filing, and accounting.

Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans, and Hindi

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