Amicorp Davao
Compliance issues are no longer contained within one jurisdiction. With the increasing and rapid changes in markets worldwide and with reporting obligations becoming more and more arduous, clients are turning to alternative time saving solutions. We have a team of industry experts and offer advanced skills to support your efforts in all your legal, financial, and administrative processes.

Our outsourcing services offer the flexibility you need to reduce time to market across jurisdictions. Our services are designed to relieve clients of time consuming work, so they can focus their time, energy and resources on higher value added activities. Our BPO centers in Bangalore, India and Davao in the Philippines are the core of our BPO operations. Our services combine our process expertise with strong technology including the latest industry standard software and hardware solutions.

Throughout the world new laws and regulations are constantly being implemented, and there are endless changes to global taxation treaties as well. Our team of specialists are always up to date and informed about these changes. They are constantly exploring new markets and offering new information and cutting edge solutions to our clients globally.

Aside from legal and compliance support, Amicorp’s Outsourcing Services unit offers a full range of accounting and reporting services. This allow companies to focus on the core activities that drive their business while leaving infrastructure and support processes to the experts. Our portfolio of services includes end to end transaction services such as accounts payable processing and receivables management, core accounting services including US GAAP, IFRS and local compliant financial statements. Core operations services include cash management, preparation of tax returns as well as support services that can include cash flow analyses.

As part of the broad range of financial outsourcing, Amicorp BPO also provides independent consolidation of investment statements, with sophisticated analysis and investment portfolio report options which are particularly interesting for private clients and family offices.

Our clients benefit from around the clock services at a fraction of their current operating costs. The return-to-focus concept provides a dramatic bottom line impact that can help positively transform the economies of any business (including small and medium enterprises) and increase the efficiency of transaction execution.

Unlike other service providers, Amicorp BPO is able to offer tailored and personalized high quality services.

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Malay and Thai.