A small island - with great opportunities!


Due to its strategic location, Cyprus has been a hub for trade and commerce in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant for more than 3,000 years, a true melting pot of cultures and customs, providing services as a bridge between East and West.

During the last decades, Cyprus has proven itself as a reputable international business and financial center, benefitting from specific, wisely shaped tax incentives, all approved by the EU. Cyprus possesses the following significant competitive advantages for investors:

  • It offers several tax advantages and an efficient way of repatriating profits
  • Investors can benefit from no withholding taxes on the distribution of profits to entities residing in countries not listed on the EU blacklist
  • No capital gains or income tax is applicable upon the liquidation of the participations or the liquidation of the company itself
  • The Cyprus tax law allows for a qualifying reorganization to be effected tax-free at the Cyprus level. These reorganization provisions fully comply with the relevant EU Mergers Directive
  • An extensive network of advantageous double tax treaties with 64 countries
  • Only 2% effective taxation on profits from qualifying intellectual property
  • Notional interest deduction upon the introduction of new equity
  • Cyprus holds an EU approved Tonnage Tax System (TTS) that was introduced back in 2010 under Merchant Shipping Law
  • You can obtain a Cyprus tax resident status reasonably quickly thanks to the “60 days” rule (conditions apply)
  • Cyprus is a common-law jurisdiction. Cypriot law is reliant on precedent extracted from the English common law for stability and conclusiveness
  • Cyprus is on the whitelist of OECD and has legally committed to the highest standards of transparency
  • Cyprus fully complies with all relevant regulations and directives of the EU, OECD, FATF, and FSF


Amicorp Cyprus has been established as one of the leading corporate and fiduciary service providers in Cyprus. Trust and professionalism are the heart of our business activities and services. Amicorp Cyprus acts in accordance with the applicable laws of Cyprus and is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

A Cyprus holding company may serve as a perfect gateway to the EU and act as a financial center of choice for structuring investments and transactions in emerging markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa, and the Middle East. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive and specialized range of corporate, secretarial, financial reporting, tailored to the exact needs of the client and always adhering to local legislation and international standards. We also coordinate all aspects of the launch and operation of tailor-made funds with dedicated personnel to handle all administrative and regulatory aspects

Languages spoken: Greek, English, Russian, German, Armenian, Spanish, and Italian.

Amicorp Cyprus