Amicorp Chile
Amicorp Chile is located in Santiago and is an Amicorp Group representative office serving primarily the Chilean, Bolivian, and Peruvian markets. As with other Amicorp offices, Amicorp Chile also provides all Group products and services.

Drawing upon the collective experience and skills of law firms, tax advisors, banks and financial advisors, the office assists in setting up international infrastructures for Chilean, Bolivian, Peruvian, and international companies and individual investors who wish to establish or reorganize their international presence. In addition, the office assists in structuring and establishing international joint ventures, direct investments, mutual funds investing into Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, and special purpose financing vehicles.

Specialized services include coordinating the establishment of personal holding structures in various international financial centers and in select non-blacklisted, high tax jurisdictions. For estate planning purposes, the office coordinates asset protection vehicles according to the client’s legal and structuring preferences.

Additional services provided by Amicorp Chile include:

  • Coordinating establishment of all kinds of OECD transfer pricing-compliant international trading structures;
  • Coordinating mutual funds in various jurisdictions;
  • Offering specialized international financial structuring and international corporate management services;
  • Coordinating international tax treaties to effectively plan withholding taxes on royalties, interest and dividends;
  • Providing international accounting and BPO solutions for clients in the Southern Cone region.

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German