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With a population of over 45 million Argentina, is one of the largest economies in Latin America and is rich in natural resources both energy and agriculture. One of the most significant advantages of doing business in Argentina is its membership with Mercosur, a trading block of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay as its founding members, with other South American countries as associate members.

Being a Mercosur member brings along great benefits. In terms of international trade, access to 3 countries and numerous associate countries with reduced legal requirements and limited taxes. Mercosur can be compared to the E.U – an excellent concept for foreign commerce, making Argentina an attractive consumer market. Argentina has a well-educated workforce and offers opportunities in manufacturing and infrastructure.

At Amicorp, we focus on Argentinean and international companies and individuals who need to establish or reorganize their national and international presence through corporate structuring and are looking for a reliable local partner allowing them focus on their core business and activities. Established in 2008 and strategically located in the central business district of Buenos Aires, we work mainly with law firms, tax advisors, accountancy firms, family offices, banks, investments, and financial advisors.


The Argentine fideicomiso is a flexible solution used for different purposes according to the clients’ needs.
It serves individual investors to achieve inheritance planning and asset protection. It can be set up as a guarantee in a wide range of transactions for business and private parties. And it serves corporate clients that require administration, pension plans, and investment projects in general in Argentina.

The fideicomiso works well in today’s complex national and international environment.


Amicorp Argentina S.A. is your point of entry for the full range of Amicorp Group products and services for corporate and private clients, trusts and financial structures, fund set up and administration, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Amicorp Trustee Argentina S.A. has extensive experience organizing and administering local private trusts, the fideicomisos, including investment, real estate, agricultural, pension plan, guarantee, and testamentary fideicomisos. Specialized services include fideicomiso establishment, review, and drafting of the trust agreement, fiduciary management, and accounting services.

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, and Dutch.

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