Amicorp Bahamas
The Bahamas is ideally positioned as a leading international financial center, with the existence of a highly skilled professional talent pool, legislation conducive to business, a risk based regulatory environment, and systems for the prevention and detection of money laundering and financing of terrorism. The depth and quality of financial services institutions is complemented by the provision of a tax neutral platform for all business activity. It is also a country committed to its democratic traditions, fiscal prudence, and a strong public-private sector partnership.

The Bahamas remains committed to a tax neutral platform by which there are no income, inheritance, and payroll taxes. The Bahamas is listed on the white list of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development and is a FATF-recognized jurisdiction with respect to KYC/AML/FATF standards.

The Bahamas International Business Company (IBC) is the offshore entity of choice. It is a simple and cost effective corporate vehicle designed to suit in most flexible terms the needs of international business persons. The IBC, although incorporated and domiciled in The Bahamas, is designed to facilitate the undertaking of legitimate business anywhere in the world whether in its role as a holding company, trading company, a private investment vehicle, insurance company for non-domestic business, or other uses, including its ability to form part of a more sophisticated structure involving a combination of trust, foundation or other specialized corporate elements.

Other Bahamian entities and services that offer significant benefits include:

  • Bahamian segregated accounts company (SAC)
  • Bahamian trusts
  • Investment condominium
  • Bahamian domestic companies
  • Bahamian smart funds
  • Bahamian private trust companies
  • Company re-domiciliation (continuation)
  • Bahamian executive entity

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