Amicorp New Zealand
Although not a low tax jurisdiction, New Zealand offers remarkable tax benefits for international holding structures through the use of tax planning vehicles.

NZ Foreign Trust

This is an effective estate planning vehicle increasingly used as an alternative to trusts from zero tax jurisdictions as NZ is considered a high tax jurisdiction and a white list country. If properly established, it offers excellent tax efficiency and can be easily combined with other investment structures in high tax jurisdictions.

NZ Private Trustee Company

The private trustee company (PTC) can act as a trustee of a foreign trust when clients prefer not to engage the services of a professional trustee company, such as Amicorp, or if there are complex assets to manage.

A PTC Limited Partnership

The limited partnership (NZLP) is a popular investment vehicle that presents interesting opportunities with non-resident partners since it is fiscally transparent. It requires two partners (general partner and limited partner). The GP needs to be either a NZ resident natural or corporate entity.

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