Amicorp Amsterdam
Historically playing a key role in international tax planning, the Netherlands offers a wide range of tax advantages. The jurisdiction offers an array of options to both non-resident corporate and individual clients to reduce taxes on interest, royalties, dividends, and capital gains income.

The most significant international tax features of the Netherlands include:

  • A large network of double income taxation treaties and the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive, as well as bilateral investment protection treaties. These can reduce withholding tax rates to zero on dividends, interest and royalties paid to a Netherlands holding company.
  • Significantly reduced withholding rates on dividends paid from a Netherlands holding company to its parent company. The Netherlands does not levy withholding tax on the distribution of interest and royalties.
  • Exemption from Dutch corporate income tax under the participation exemption on dividends received and capital gains realized from a qualifying shareholding.

These advantages play a powerful role in creating and managing holding, financial, royalty, and real estate structures, among others.

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