In line with our own evolution as a responsible corporate, Amicorp recognizes environmental management as among the highest corporate priorities and is committed to continuously integrating and improving policies and programs towards this as we move into the future. Amicorp is committed to Environmental Social and Governance as part of its long term strategy for high sustainability. It is aligned with globally respected principles and prescribes to these requirements for itself, its selection of clients, vendors, suppliers, stakeholders and socially responsible investment options.

Ours is a services company, we urge our employees to conduct themselves in a socially and environmentally-sensitive manner both at work and in their personal lives.

At Amicorp, our commitment is not only to quality service − it is also towards ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, while minimizing our potential impact on the environment. Our operations are designed to strictly align with environmental legislation. We strive constantly to prevent pollution and incorporate environmental best practices in everything we do.

Environmental management is one of our highest priorities and we are committed to:

  • Applying environmental principles, such as commitment to continual improvement, legal and information security compliance and awareness training of employees worldwide;
  • Working only with clients who are environmentally conscious and responsible in their business;
  • Conducting regular audits of our facilities’ environmental performance with emphasis on using non-toxic, recyclable or recycled material where these options are available, economical and suitable;
  • Executing best practices such as responsible garbage disposal and using eco-friendly consumables;
  • Developing systems which are resource efficient and facilitate use of renewable energy sources;
  • Including environmental aspects in the risk assessment of operations in all offices;
  • Minimizing our carbon footprint by traveling only when video conferencing is impractical;
  • Donating office equipment and furniture that needs to be phased out to needy institutions or individuals.

Amicorp Green Consciousness (AGC) has been created to handle activities related to Amicorp's green initiatives.

As part of our environmental stewardship program we have deepened our commitment to raise consciousness across Amicorp as we work to neutralize and offset our carbon footprint. Along with the actions taken by our offices towards reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions, we have made provisions to plant a tree for every 200 kilometers of air travel made by Amicorp Group’s employees. We implemented our centralized air travel bookings initiative in 2013 to enable mileage calculation. E-tickets issued by our central travel desk inform of mileage and CO2 incurred. We will plant trees to offset our carbon emissions from flying.

Rainwater Harvesting System

ACF organizes time out with the residents of the ‘Leonard Cheshire Homes and contributed towards rainwater harvesting system at the ‘Leonard Cheshire Homes, India’ – a 100% free residential home for the physically challenged girls and women from less fortunate sections of the society. The project was successfully completed and inaugurated on June 25, 2011.

Afforest Environment Conservation

Amicorp Green Consciousness (AGC) stands out for a ‘Greener’ tomorrow. The foundation organized an afforestation drive in partnership with ‘Afforest Environment Conservation’. On October 1, 2011, thirty-three highly motivated ACF volunteers planted a hundred and fifty saplings using the time-tested, globally successful “Miyawaki” method, marking the beginning of an on-going initiative to rejuvenate our planet, one step at a time.