Amicorp Netherlands: Our services

The Netherlands is considered a preferred jurisdiction for both corporate and private structures. The central geographical location of the Netherlands, combined with its outstanding infrastructure, provides an ideal gateway to expand the business into Europe. The Netherlands is also known for its highly educated, flexible, and multi-lingual workforce that can offer solutions to clients globally. Read more

Amicorp Financial Markets: Listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE)

Depending on your business setup and investment requirements, we can provide a full range of support solutions in and out of multiple jurisdictions. Our services allow clients to increase their efficiency by focusing on their core activities and investment performance while providing dedicated compliance, administrative and structured finance solutions. Read more

Trust solution series: Employee share or option trusts

Listed and unlisted corporate clients will often look to incentivize and retain their talent by offering benefits linked to the value of the business they contribute to. Read more

Trust solution series: Business Assets

When dealing with corporate clients and the services we provide them, ask the UBO what they have in place to protect these assets and what succession plans they have, to ensure their family is looked after and the business continues successfully. Read more

Trust solution series: Special trust advisors

The New Zealand Trust Act 2019 allows for special Trust advisors. Previously these special Trust advisors were known as advisory Trustees; however, the terminology was changed so as not to confuse the role of the actual Trustee. Read more

Amicorp Germany: GmbH Liquidation Services

We take care of the liquidation of your GmbH for a fixed price. Whether it is a company that has ceased to be commercially active or whether your SPV is no longer required, we ensure that your entity is wound up correctly. Read more

Amicorp Germany: Establishing and Administrating a Limited Liability Company

Germany offers excellent investment conditions with a stable and reliable economic and judicial framework. Not only does Germany have the biggest consumer market in Europe, but it also provides access to the common market of the European Union (EU). Read more