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December, 2013
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  Focus on Sourcing and trading in Emerging Markets  

You naturally think of a corporate management services company implementing and managing structures for clients for their businesses. Amicorp has done precisely this for over two decades. We number approximately 900 specialists and operate out of more than 40 offices in over 25 countries. We speak English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Russian, Afrikaans, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Indonesia.

However, in addition to these services, Amicorp also offers services which you may not be familiar with. This includes the opportunity to source products and services from Emerging Markets. Over the past decade Amicorp has formed a number of entities to assist our clients who wish to access products and services in these markets, or who wish to deliver their services or products to these new markets. This service has grown substantially, which is not surprising given the growth of emerging markets themselves. Whilst some of these entities have dedicated offices, all Amicorp offices can assist with the sourcing of any products and services which your company requires.

Greater China inbound and outbound trading

One of the entities is Greater China-specific, focusing on inbound and outbound trading. To be successful in this market you need an accomplished and far-reaching local presence. With seven offices in Greater China − Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Taipei – as well as throughout India, Europe and Latin America, we can tap into China’s resources for both inbound and outbound business opportunities. Our colleagues have noteworthy connections with local authorities and companies – this opens distribution channels for you. You gain access to the world’s largest manufacturing base and a consumer market of 1.4 billion people.

China inbound sales

After decades of export success, China is finally ready to become the world’s largest consumer market. With years of experience in China, we can open the gateway for you. We do this by carefully mapping the market and analysing the industry before developing your China entry and growth strategy. We help you find quality purchasers, agents, and distribution channels.  We determine and plan for all legal requirements, and draft contracts according to China’s laws and regulations. Our contribution to your business goes beyond that of a regular services provider - we consider ourselves part of your company, with your success our objective. Doing business in China is very challenging, which is why we address all of the following issues for you:

  • General guidance on commercial and cultural practices in the target country;
  • Overview of the regulatory and tax environment applicable to your company’s products;
  • We help identify quality purchasers, agents, and distribution channels;
  • We determine and plan for all legal requirements, and draft contracts according to China’s laws and regulations;
  • Implement structures to manage currency risk for your currency exposure.
  • Developing tax-efficient inbound investment strategies for foreign investors;
  • Developing tax-efficient procedures for the remittance of service fees, interest and royalties.

Local representation and acting as agent

We have inbound managers in place who will introduce and sell products in China by creating distribution channels for clients. With clients we can draft a marketing/sales plan and take care of the execution if client doesn’t desire any local presence themselves.

China outbound – sourcing and procurement

We have developed an optimized sourcing and procurement structure in China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, to assist you in finding the best suppliers to reduce costs, improve quality or both. China will continue to lead the sourcing supply of manufactured goods in the foreseeable future based on its unparalleled labour force, sound infrastructure and political support from the central government.

India sourcing office

Besides sourcing from China we also have a sourcing office in India. Not all products are opportune to be sourced from China but with our Indian sourcing operation we can cover quite a lot of the spectrum. Usually we will check which region is better equipped to source from for certain products making sure our clients get the best deal.

Global cross trading

With our presence in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America , we see that a lot of cross trading opportunities arise between these regions. Therefore we also look to create new business by connecting companies from the respective regions and help them open up new markets.

Our assistance includes, but is not limited to, background checks on existing and prospective trade partners; access to banks, including letters of credit and other financing options; and contract negotiations and execution. These are all very complex issues when accessing a new market – but we have made it achievable for our clients. We also address cost minimization, production and quality control, assistance with international import and export regulations, legal services, logistics and insurance, analy zing and optimizing the entire supply chain.

Target customers

The services can be useful to companies already trading from the source markets or those willing to find opportunities in new markets in search of better prices and quality, new products, suppliers or customers, and supervision of trading operations; or simply have more control over their supply chain.

For those interested to learn more about these services please contact:

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  Derek Kwik
Associate Director

Amicorp Hong Kong Ltd. (Hong Kong)
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This document is prepared for general information purposes only. Amicorp Group does not provide tax or legal advice to its clients. Any opinions contained herein should not be construed or interpreted as advice provided by Amicorp Group.