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June, 2014
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  Amicorp Private Office Services  

Private or family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve high net worth investors, offering a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an individual or family, and more. Amicorp’s Private Office Services offering can help. Amicorp services thousands of high net worth individuals and families, directly and indirectly through Private Offices. Particularly in emerging markets, businesses are often privately owned and while such businesses
grow, the need for Private Offices and related services is also growing. Amicorp is well positioned to deliver such services and presents an overall value proposition for private offices.

Structuring, Administration & Governance

Amicorp establishes, manages and administers different types of trusts and entities in jurisdictions across the world (also under white label) for tax planning, asset protection, estate and succession planning purposes. We deliver the broadest range of services and structuring alternatives involving corporate vehicles such as companies, partnerships and foundations, as well as investment funds. We keep up to date with new opportunities as they arise and offer AmiPortal for efficient interaction with our clients.

Amicorp Fund Services assists with the administration and ongoing maintenance of any type of fund, using state-of-the-art software and online web reporting. As a certified fund administrator, we specialize in valuation and investor services and assist in setting up structures, obtaining egulatory approval, drafting prospectuses, resolutions and agreements, and setting up bank and brokerage accounts. We utilize platforms such as Euroclear, arrange for exchange listings and provide marketing support.

Amicorp not only act as trustee, director, managing partner or administrator but also selected a group of professionals in different parts of the world who are well-equipped to build solid governance structures. They can formalize the family’s (business) interaction in Family Charters or Family Constitutions, addressing policies, practices and procedures. It helps to integrate the values of the family into business operations and family and shareholders communications.

Depending on the size and the composition of the family and its businesses, Amicorp can offer different kinds of compliance support. Amicorp BPO processes a unique compliance portal, reducing the compliance burden. We employ several experts who can assist you to become FATCA/GATCA and BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) compliant and to implement various internal audit and control programs for regulated and non-regulated entities.

Corporate & Environmental Consciousness

Based on the values and the interests of the family, Amicorp can assist in determining and implementing corporate, private or family social responsibility and environmental management programs and charity initiatives in the most effective way. Amicorp Community Foundation’s initiatives and the Amicorp Community Centers can be utilized. Programs can be structured in a tax beneficial way through (endowment) funds, trusts and/or segregated cell entities.

Legal & Financial Support

Amicorp offers a variety of corporate secretarial and legal support services, including the preparation of draft legal documents, minutes of Annual General Meetings, powers of attorney and government filing forms. In jurisdictions where we have an office, we can also assist in the actual filing of the government forms and we can provide notarization and legalization/apostille services. Amicorp BPO also offers internet searches and contract compliance services.

Amicorp Bank and Trust an integral part of the Financial Services Unit of Amicorp Group, provides tailor-made financial products and business solutions. Our extensive range of services and products includes opening multi-currency current and investment accounts, internet banking, global payment services, SWIFT connection, foreign exchange, hedging solutions, secure credit cards, escrow and custody services. Amicorp can also offer a so-called rent-a-bank concept to clients.

AmiLife Insurance holds a life insurance license by the Seychelles International Business Authority and offers single premium investment-linked insurance policies. Such policies combine life insurance with asset management. Clients may transfer existing assets/investment portfolios worldwide to fund the policy, can decide on the investment strategy and can keep the services of their trusted bank and asset manager.

Asgaard Retirement provides retirement and pension solutions for individuals and business owners who have unique investment strategies, assets (worldwide) or migratory lifestyles. With the globalization of investment holdings and individual circumstances, Asgaard’s pension fund and administration services (by Amicorp Trustees) are designed to accommodate the evolving investor landscape and expectations for retirement.

Document Handling, Accounting & Reporting

As part of our document handling services we have developed a unique scanning tool kit which combines years of technological innovation with manual checks and balances to obtain 100% recognition. The streamlined process of the scanning service offers significant benefits for processing volumes of documentation, such as financial documents, invoices, bank statements, investment portfolio statements, and other documents such as legal documents and forms.

Amicorp BPO’s Investment Portfolio Administration Services offer an innovative solution for independent consolidation of multiple investment portfolios. An online portal and single view reports give full insight in the historical and actual value of the portfolios (compared to selected benchmarks) and all assets including custom securities can be added. The asset allocation against the allowed allocation (based on investment letters) is available at any given moment.

In the event a private office or client wishes to lease out assets such as real estate, airplanes, yachts, etc, Amicorp can manage this from an administrative point of view. Amicorp also offers administrative services for individual or syndicated loans. We can reduce the servicing middle-office costs and process changing volumes, allowing clients to focus on their core businesses. Our expertise, worldwide presence and close connectivity to the different markets offer great advantages.

Our Accounting and Reporting Services are implemented within an integrated, end-to-end operating structure, providing flexibility and scalability. We offer our services from different locations, selected based on advantages in terms of language capabilities, cost, capacity and time zone. Activities include transaction processing, general ledger accounting, treasury, management reporting and external reporting. Our team provides the expertise to deal with several different accounting principles.

Main Outsourcing Locations

• Bangalore • Davao • Mauritius • Pretoria

Regional Outsourcing Locations

• Barcelona • Bogota • Mexico • Montevideo • Vilnius

  Our Team
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Global Head BPO
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Hong Kong
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This document is prepared for general information purposes only. Amicorp Group does not provide tax or legal advice to its clients. Any opinions contained herein should not be construed or interpreted as advice provided by Amicorp Group.