2023 Amicorp services trends

Amicorp has been granted a Fund Administrator License in Brazil by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (“CVM”), and been accepted as a member of the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association (“Anbima”), cementing its position as one of the leading regulated global providers able to operate in the Brazilian fund industry.

CVM is the authority responsible for the supervision, regulation and development of the Brazilian securities market. It plays a central role in modernizing and continuing to build Brazil into an important and respected investment hub for both local and international investors.

Anbima is a self-regulated association that governs and coordinates members’ interests and is dedicated to the development of a stronger capital markets industry in Brazil. As a member, Amicorp is committed to its Regulation and Best Practices Code for Third-Party Management.

What license has Amicorp been granted?

The granting of the license by CVM enables Amicorp to provide a range of fiduciary and administration services to fund managers looking to invest in shared investment funds incorporated in Brazil (Fundos de Investimento em Participações, or “FIPs”), which have seen huge interest particularly among Private Equity funds over the past decade. The number of Private Equity investments in FIPs grew by 566% between December 2012 and July 2022, according to Anbima.

The CVM Fund Administrator License, along with the seal of approval by Anbima, opens the door to Amicorp being able to support fund managers, family offices, law firms and institutional investors looking for more efficient structuring solutions or more innovative investment solutions offered through FIPs – across five different categories:  

  • FIPs for Seed Capital
  • FIPs for Emerging Companies
  • FIP for Infrastructure
  • FIPs for Intensive Economic Production in Research, Development and Innovation
  • FIPs for Multi-strategy

What benefits do FIPs offer?

A FIP is a close-ended fund registered with CVM that operates similarly to an investment trust. FIPs combine capital from multiple investors to purchase stakes in private companies, offering access to broader, more diverse investment opportunities. They provide access to a wide range of investments, from start-ups to more developed companies, and everything in between.

One of their main benefits is that FIPs are tax-effective vehicles for investing in private and publicly listed companies in Brazil. Income or gains obtained with the investees are not subject to income and revenue taxes applicable to Brazilian companies.

Another benefit is for non-Brazilian resident investors. Taxation is fully concentrated at the level of the investors, but foreign investors generally pay 0% on the capital gains obtained with the closure of the fund or from the sale of quotas held in FIPs. However, domestic investors of FIPs are taxed at between 0% and 15% (depending on the investments made and the FIP’s structure) of their income and capital gains.

How can Amicorp help?

As a fiduciary administrator registered with CVM, Amicorp can assist clients in:

  • Structuring a fund so it is compliant with regulations throughout its lifecycle, including Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) services
  • Taking care of all accounting requirements, including accounting and portfolio records, Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations, fee calculations and preparation of financial statements
  • Controlling and maintaining investment allocations across your securities portfolio in compliance with fund’s bylaw
  • Reporting information to investors and regulators
If you would like to find out more about FIPs or the fund services Amicorp offers in Brazil, or elsewhere, please contact the fund services team here.