Amicorp Wealth Services LLC

Amicorp Group, a global provider of fund, capital market and corporate management services, has added a new financial and investment advice arm to its business – Amicorp Wealth Services LLC (‘AWS’).

Amicorp Wealth Services LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor (‘RIA’) with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Miami, offering a range of financial and investment management advice to clients – from retirement planning, to asset allocation modelling to help in setting up companies and trusts. It is also able to execute trades on behalf of clients and provide support in completing transactions.

As an RIA, it has a clearly structured fee-based fiduciary relationship with its clients. It includes a strict set of ethical and legal guidelines on how to manage client relationships and accounts that ensures it always acts in the client’s best interest. This obligation is the key difference between RIAs, which are fiduciaries under federal securities laws, and broker-dealers, which generally are not.

These fiduciary duties prohibit an RIA from acting as a principal for its own account. It includes buying or selling any security from a client or acting as a broker for a person other than the client, as well as disclosing to the client in writing before the completion of any transactions the capacity in which it is acting.

AWS is able to service personal, corporate and institutional clients in the US and internationally. Accounts can be opened as a new relationship or transferred in from any bank, broker or Investment Advisor.

Amicorp Wealth Services LLC manages its client’s relationships through third party custodians; no client’s assets are in custody directly. AWS has a strategic partnership with StoneX Group Inc, to set up and manage client accounts, custody, trading and settlement needs. StoneX Group Inc is a financial services organization, publicly traded on NASDAQ. StoneX Group Inc and Amicorp Wealth Services LLC are unaffiliated entities.


Financial Advisory Services:

  • Financial advice individual or institutional
  • Investment policy creation or review
  • Portfolio review and rebalancing, and asset allocation modeling
  • Portfolio monitoring, technical and fundamental analysis
  • Customized reporting

Investment Advisory Services:

  • Turn-Key portfolios on open architecture structure
  • Third-party strategies
  • Structured products, trackers, Exchange Traded Funds

Retirement Planning:

  • Register Retirement Manager Advisor (RMA)

Investment Account Opening:

  • Streamlined account opening
  • Client portal
  • Checks, debit cards, American Express credit card, ACH payments, wires

Other Services:

  • Insurance services.
  • General financial consulting
  • Investment research
  • Coordination for the establishment of companies and trusts


To find out more about how Amicorp Wealth Services LLC can help, please contact our team here.