New Zealand introduces new visa to attract high-net-worth investors

New Zealand has taken further action to attract high-net-worth investors into the country with the introduction of an Active Investor Plus visa.

New Zealand already enjoys a reputation where business is conducted with the highest levels of integrity, backed by a strong ethical and cultural environment. The New Zealand government has been introducing measures to build on that, to develop a vibrant investment market that is dedicated to supporting and growing a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy – with the Active Investor Plus visa the latest manifestation of that.

This new investor visa replaces previous categories and aims to encourage “high-value investors” to making direct investment in New Zealand rather than to invest in passive investments through a specific weighting system.

Applicants who make acceptable direct investments into New Zealand businesses, among other requirements, will be eligible for the new visa through a NZD 5 million minimum investment. Direct investments receive the highest weighting, while those who choose less direct investments will need to invest more capital. The minimum amount required if all funds are placed in indirect investments will be NZD15 million.

Holding this visa will enable the applicant to live and apply for work in the country, although conditions do apply. Applicants can include their partner/spouse and dependent children aged 24 and under. After four years of keeping funds in New Zealand the applicant can apply for permanent residence.

Note that property is not an acceptable asset.  However, there are a number of exchange traded or managed New Zealand funds that invest in this sector.

For an investment to be acceptable, it means that it:

  • Is not for the personal use of the applicant
  • Is invested in New Zealand in New Zealand dollars
  • Is invested in either one of more of the following
    • Listed equities (rating 1 to 1) up to max of NZD 7.5M
    • Philanthropy (rating 1 to 1) up to a max of NZD 7.5M
    • Managed funds (rating 2 to 1)
    • Direct investments (rating 3 to 1)

These conditions must continue to be met during the four-year period of investment.  Note a rating of 3 to 1 for direct investment means that a NZD 5M investment is equal to NZD 15M.

How can Amicorp help?

There are a number of factors that need to be considered, which we can guide you through. We have a network of immigration specialists and can coordinate the application, and provide bespoke consulting services to analyze and identify the information needed for the investment criteria.

Further to that, as part of our global proposition we provide a comprehensive range of solutions for high-net-worth individuals and family offices, that include:

  • Trust setup & governance
  • Trustee services
  • Foundation setup and management
  • Real property holding structures
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Relocation and Immigration Services
  • Family Office Support Services

If you would like more information about the new Active Investor Plus visa, or find out how Amicorp can help, please contact the team here.