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The Netherlands is considered a preferred jurisdiction for both corporate and private structures. The central geographical location of the Netherlands, combined with its outstanding infrastructure, provides an ideal gateway to expand the business into Europe.

The Netherlands is also known for its highly educated, flexible, and multi-lingual workforce that can offer solutions to clients globally. Transparency International considers the Netherlands among the top five “cleanest” countries concerning the perceived corruption in the public sector. This, combined with its stable political and financial climate, provides clients with the security they require when conducting international business.


The Netherlands offers a stable and beneficial tax climate for creating headquarters locations, R&D centers, and managing holding, financial, royalty, and real estate structures. In addition, the Netherlands is one of the key European locations for setting up investment funds and structured finance transactions, including AMCs and securitizations.

The most significant international tax features of the Netherlands include:

  • An extensive network of 96 tax treaties and the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive to reduce withholding taxes and avoid double taxation
  • An extensive network of 90 bilateral investment protection treaties which provide protection against nationalization and expropriation of foreign investments
  • Lower withholding rates on dividends paid from a Netherlands holding company to its parent company as well as for the distribution of interest and royalties
  • Exemption from Dutch Corporate Income Tax under the participation exemption on dividends received and capital gains realized from a qualifying shareholding

It should be noted that with the arrival of BEPS, ATAD, Economic Substance Requirements, and now the proposed Shell Directive, such tax advantages are disappearing where structures are set up purely for tax reasons without a real business purpose. There needs to be real substance and real activity to comply with current (or soon to be applicable) regulations.


Amicorp Netherlands has been operating in the Netherlands since 2007 and has vast experience in servicing both corporate and private clients. Amicorp Netherlands can offer the following services to its clients:


  • Management and administration services, including assistance and support with company formation and liquidation, provision of corporate or personal directors, opening and operating of bank accounts, payment of invoices, handling of correspondence, and other administrative duties
  • Domiciliation services, provision of registered address, leasing of office space, and related support services
  • Accounting services, including bookkeeping and reporting, preparation of group consolidated accounts and financial statements under IFRS, US GAAP, and statutory audit support
  • Assistance and support with company formation, board support services, and administration
  • Compliance services and Transaction Monitoring
  • Payroll and a broad range of HR services


  • Assessments (health check) of the impact of recent tax developments, including BEPS, ATAD, POEM, Substance Requirements, MDR/DAC6, proposed EU Shell Directive
  • FATCA & CRS services
  • Tax return preparation, including assistance with CIT and VAT filing together with the respective tax advisors


  • SPV Management, Trustee Services, and Agency Roles
  • Sponsor and Arranger


  • One-stop-shop global service provider
  • Speed to market, fast implementation, compliant and complete BPO delivery, experienced technical teams, central coordination, and communication
  • Harmonized and flexible processes, and local knowledge and networking

One of the most common legal forms for setting up a business in the Netherlands is the private limited liability company ‘Besloten Vennootschap’ (BV). A BV is an entity with a legal personality and has capital divided into shares. A BV is very flexible, easy to incorporate, and frequently used for international corporate structures.

Other type of entities managed in the Netherlands:

  • Naamloze Vennootschap (NV) or Public Limited Liability Company
  • Cooperatief (Coop) or Cooperative
  • Commanditaire Venootschap (CV) or Limited Partnership
  • Stichting (Foundation) and Stichting Administratiekantoor (STAK)


The Netherlands is an ideal location for structuring ESG or Green Bonds. If your company has an EBITDA of at least USD 50 million and has Euro or Dollar-based revenues, we can help you set up your bond.

We will help you with every aspect of the process, from finding the right law firm and investment bank, going on the investor roadshow with you, and setting and managing the structure. We can even help you get your bond listed.

The advantages of ESG and Green Bonds are that they are in high demand, provide great publicity, and are usually issued with slightly lower interest rates.

We will also help with traditional bond issuances, including non-ESG/Green assets or companies


Our focus is on helping you meet the requirements of setting up holding companies, operating companies, and financing companies that comply with all the ever-increasing requirements for substance, real operational management, tax compliance, and generally keeping your company fit for business.

Regarding funding and investing, we aim to assist you with the entire process of accessing the capital markets from origination to listing securities on the stock exchange and everything in between. We are mainly focused on ESG and Green funding frameworks. We can help you with bonds, securitization, and funds. Let us know what you are trying to achieve, and we will find a way to make it happen!

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Hindi, and Portuguese

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