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Listed and unlisted corporate clients will often look to incentivize and retain their talent by offering benefits linked to the value of the business they contribute to.

A Trust can be used to create such a platform. In such cases, the corporate client is the settlor, and the employees and possibly their immediate family are the beneficiaries. The corporate client can design a set of rules that govern the operation of the incentive plan. The Trustee holds assets and administers the plan independently for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Employees Share Option Trust (ESOT) - example
Amicorp New Zealand

Amicorp can be the Trustee and administrator of these vehicles in several of our Trust jurisdictions and offer other solutions in this area. 

Rules should include:

  • Granting
  • Exercising
  • Time limits/lapsing
  • Leaver provisions
  • Voting/dividend other rights
  • Transferability
  • Amendment provisions

For listed clients, consideration will need to be given to the particular stock exchange rules and related disclosures. Further consideration and advice will be required about the taxation requirements applicable for both the employer and employee.

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