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When dealing with corporate clients and the services we provide them, ask the UBO what they have in place to protect these assets and what succession plans they have, to ensure their family is looked after and the business continues successfully.

A trust could be an appropriate solution to satisfy these requirements. Obviously, putting business assets into a trust is not a quick decision. The UBO is giving these assets away to a Trustee for beneficiaries' benefit, which can include themselves. However, the UBO can include provisions in the Trust deed to provide certainty and comfort over how the Trust assets are managed and administered. For example, these could be specific provisions over the holding of business assets or creating a protector committee that would need to approve certain decisions in advance.

In some cases, a private trustee company (PTC) can also be used to act as a Trustee. This can provide additional comfort for the UBO as the board of directors can be hand-selected. When a PTC is being used, good corporate governance is crucial. Transactions must be documented and appropriately recorded given the position and responsibilities as trustee.

Amicorp New Zealand

In addition to establishing the trust structure, we can also share our knowledge and expertise to ensure the PTC has good corporate governance and the trust is administered correctly following its Trust deed and applicable law. This includes assurance services to make sure it complies with its local responsibilities and any applicable tax or reporting obligations it may have.

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