For clients requiring security for business transactions in Mexico, Amicorp Mexico, S.A. DE C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R. has a team that focuses on providing specialized fiduciary solutions. We offer our clients a range of services that include guarantee trusts, collateral & security agency, and escrow services.

Amicorp has presence in over 30 countries providing tailor-made fiduciary services in compliance with local regulations. We offer a proactive and collaborative approach adjusting to the needs of each client so that you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest.




The guarantee trust is an agreement through which the settlor transfers the title or ownership of one or more assets to the trustee, so in case of default of the agreed obligation in favor of the trust’s beneficiary, the trustee will proceed to transfer the assets to the beneficiary as stated in the trust deed.

The conventional procedure for extrajudicial disposal

A significant advantage of the guarantee trusts is that in case of breach of any of the obligations established by the parties, it is possible to pay the obligation with assets in the trust through an extrajudicial process resolved in days instead of having to go through a judicial procedure/lawsuit that can last for years.

Our guarantee trust solutions for the Mexican market include:

  • Real estate developments – Through the guarantee trust, the parties involved in a project, usually the landowner, the development/builder, and the lender, can be assured that the proceeds from the sale of real estate will be released in the terms and conditions established in the trust agreement
  • Cash control – The cash control trust is a safe and affordable solution for co-investors and/or creditors to ensure the fate of cash flows is received by any of the co-investment partners or one of their debtors
  • Shareholding control – Serves as a safe and accessible tool that allows shareholders of a company (i) to ensure the company’s proper operation through the exercise in block voting of shares that control the corporate decisions and (ii) control the shareholding
  • Mergers and acquisitions – The purpose of the trust is to serve as a tool to reduce the inherent risks arising during mergers and acquisitions and can serve as a vehicle for the exchange of shares or as a guarantee fund for possible legal or tax contingencies

Advantages of guarantee trusts

  • Ensure that the assets are fully protected
  • The trustee acts under instructions and in terms of the trust agreement
  • True independence mitigates conflict of interests
  • The trust agreement is flexible



Amicorp Mexico can support banks and alternative lenders by being an independent and conflict-free provider of security and collateral agency services for loan financings, bilateral loans, or syndicated loans by acting as a neutral third-party administrator between the borrower and its lenders, supporting at various stages of the deal.

Advantages of a collateral and security agent

  • Holding security on behalf of a single or group of beneficiaries
  • Enforcing the security on the instructions of a specified majority or controlling class creditors
  • Seamless facilitation of transaction through a single point of contact for security



An escrow agent is an impartial party that provides security to the completion of specific transactions. An escrow agent generally becomes a depositary of liquid assets or legal documents and keeps it in its custody until predefined conditions are met.

When escrow assets are liquid, the assets are placed into a unique, individual escrow account. The escrow agent distributes the money from the account only following the satisfaction of all conditions set out in advance in an agreement between contracting parties.

Advantages of an escrow

  • The seller is guaranteed that the documents and/or liquid assets have been made available to the escrow agent
  • The buyer can be sure that the documents and/or liquid assets will only be released as agreed in the escrow agreement
  • It is easy to set up an escrow agreement with tailor-made release conditions


  • Global fiduciary services provider with extensive experience in Mexican fiduciary solutions
  • Speed of incorporation and quality of service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexibility and responsiveness operating through a single point of contact
  • No conflict of interest, being an independently owned fiduciary services provider


AMICORP MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R., founded in 2010, provides high-quality fiduciary services to Mexican clients. We specialize in guarantee trusts, escrows and collateral, and security agency services. With over 30 years of professional global trust experience and our expert local knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to serve all our client needs while ensuring all applicable legal provisions and compliance requirements are duly met.

Amicorp México S.A. de C.V. SOFOM, E.N.R. counts with a Customer Special Attention Unit for consultations at Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho No. 32 piso 12, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec I Sección, C.P. 11000, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México Tel. (55) 52 025 999 Ext. 111, Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs. and the email In addition, customers may consult the Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (CONDUSEF) or the contact number (55) 53 400 999.


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