Amicorp Luxembourg Services

Depending on your business setup and investment requirements, we can provide a full range of support solutions in and out of multiple jurisdictions. Our services allow clients to increase their efficiency by focusing on their core activities and investment performance while providing dedicated compliance, administrative and structured finance solutions.

Our corporate structure and operating model enable greater flexibility in meeting client needs locally and globally: Amicorp, your independent global service provider.



Amicorp Luxembourg can help set up your business and realize your investments around the globe. We help you benefit from Luxembourg's excellent domicile climate, being the largest European securitization and fund domicile and the second largest fund center in the world after the US.

Supporting your company from the entity's setup until its liquidation, Amicorp can guide you through the jungle of regulations and help you to be compliant with local legislation. We constantly monitor legislative changes and keep your company compliant.

While we manage all applicable legal requirements, we enable you to focus on your core business activities. Our services provide the necessary management and control, adding qualified services and substance to your company and investment structures recognized by authorities.



Setup of New Entities – We take care of the orderly incorporation of your new entity, including the necessary registration with the authorities and the setup of a local bank account.

Domiciliation Services – We provide your company's registered address and take care of incoming mail.

Corporate Secretarial Services – We take care of all ongoing corporate secretarial work such as preparing board and shareholder meetings, maintaining statutory records, and required filings.

Managing Director Services – We provide qualified local individuals to act as personal managing directors for your company.

Accounting and Reporting Services – We take care of your day-to-day accounting needs and required reporting, standalone or consolidated; budgets, cashflows, and forecasts.

Tax Compliance Services – We prepare and file your Luxembourg Annual Tax Return (CIT), periodic and annual VAT Returns, and assisting your entrusted advisors.

Regulatory Reporting Services – We provide you with FATCA/CRS classifications and take care of necessary reporting. We arrange for the required UBO registrations with the transparency register and can provide MDR analyses and reports.

Liquidation Services – We arrange for the orderly liquidation of your company and provide liquidators.

Global locations - Setting up Companies abroad – Our clients have access to our extensive global network offering access to expert knowledge and skills of professionals globally. We can assist you with setting up structures with Amicorp in Luxembourg and other jurisdictions. The breadth of our network ensures that there is always an office close to you, offering the full range of solutions. An added advantage is the seamless and effortless connection between our offices and professionals around the world.


  • With more than 40 offices in more than 30 countries, Amicorp Group provides a strong global network with more than 700 branch experts you can rely on
  • Outsourcing administration, compliance, and accounting services to Amicorp enable you to keep your company structure lean, saving costs and allowing you to focus on your core business activities
  • Support and expertise through the whole lifecycle of your entity from incorporation to liquidation
  • Proactive, commercial and have a collaborative approach
  • Our experienced experts stand for the provision of top-quality services at reasonable prices


  • Gateway to Europe providing full access to the European market
  • Largest European securitization and fund domicile and second-largest fund center in the world after the US
  • Innovative approach for the creation of several legal regimes allowing investors to plan their investments through a wide range of special purpose vehicles
  • Ideally situated at the heart of Europe and benefitting from a highly skilled multicultural workforce
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Well established investment hub being the world-renowned financial business center


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