Amicorp Group Capital Market Trustees

Companies intending to issue bonds or notes to raise finance might benefit by using a trust structure. In such a setup, the company can appoint a trustee to act on behalf of the investors. The trustee then can deal with minor amendments and waive certain requirements rather than the company having to direct themselves to the investors individually.

For example, by adding security to the bond or note issuance, a trustee can accept the security on behalf of all the investors, which is more convenient than transferring or re-registering the security each time the investor trades the note or bond. The trustee structure can also be used for holding security, covenants, obligations, and pledges on various types of financing.

Amicorp offers trustee services in several locations. Our services include the traditional role of corporate trustee for securities offerings and security (or collateral) trustee, share trustee, voting trustee, guarantee trustee, or administration trustee. We provide extensive administrative support for financial transactions. These services include accounting, reporting, and review services. We also provide independent review party services required by regulation and KYC services for clients’ investors.


  • Ensure that the assets are fully protected
  • An independent trustee manages the Trust
  • The trustee acts under instructions and/or the Trust Agreement
  • True independence mitigates conflict of interests
  • Is a legal protection in M&A, funding, project finance, real estate projects, securitizations
  • The trust agreement is flexible


  • Bond Trustee/Fiduciario/Note Trustee
  • Security Trustee
  • Guarantee Trustee
  • Administration Trustee
  • Liquidation Trustee
  • Share Trustee
  • Voting Trustee


  • A global capital markets team experienced in capital markets, including structured finance and commercial products, and private placement transactions
  • Support and expertise through the lifecycle of the clients’ transactions
  • Someone who realizes that time is of the essence, whether for M&A activity or a new bond issue
  • Proactive, commercial, and have a collaborative approach
  • Work with trusted partners across the globe to provide a full service in capital markets
  • Local support and we speak your language
Amicorp Group Capital Market Trustees



The concept of a trust originated circa the 12th century in England. A trust is a legal relationship created by a settlor that places assets, obligations, and other covenants under control of the trustee to benefit the beneficiaries or for a specified purpose. The trustee role concept has been adopted and adapted in many countries around the world.

At Amicorp, we can provide solutions in different jurisdictions depending on the Capital Markets transaction structure type. Amicorp is an independent and conflict-free trustee with the ability to take security in multiple jurisdictions. Our services allow our clients to increase their efficiency by focusing on revenue while providing administrative and Structure Finance solutions. Our corporate structure and operating model enable greater flexibility in meeting client needs.


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