Amicorp Group Capital Market-Securitization Services

Are you an asset manager wanting to pool your clients' assets in an asset management company or a borrower with a bespoke private placement transaction? Through our full-service Luxembourg-based issuance provider, we can enable a smooth issuance; issuances are in accordance with the Luxembourg securitizations Law of March 22, 2004.

The securitization vehicle takes on the risk by acquiring the securities, guaranteeing the obligations, or bearing the risk in some other manner creating a bankable asset. Therefore, we can provide clients with fast go-to-market issuance and global Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) services. We also offer a full range of services that assist asset managers and companies with full-fledged issuance capabilities, from a full-service "plug-and-play" setup to customized structures and global SPV management support services.



Through Amicorp's Global Capital Markets team, we offer support that will cover the entire lifecycle of your business. This can include the setup, establishment, and management of Luxembourg companies, securitization vehicles and investment funds with dedicated directors, bank account establishment and management, tax- accounting and regulatory reporting services, and company secretarial services for the entire lifecycle of your structure until the winding-up process. We do this combined with extensive interaction with other international jurisdictions.

We provide the issuance documentation according to Luxembourg Law, liaise continuously with the paying agent, exchanges, auditors, and other parties such as custodians, and oversee ongoing subscription and redemptions.

This securitization setup is to issue asset-backed securities from an issuance level of USD 10 million for:

  • Refinancing assets through a securitization
  • Bond issues
  • Debt restructuring
  • Art collections
  • Refinancing of commercial real estate
  • Financial instruments
  • Actively managed certificates (AMC)
  • Delta one notes on alternative investment funds

This service is particularly suitable for:

  • Asset managers
    • To pool client assets for wealth management purposes in an AMC
    • Looking to invest in smaller debt private placements or non-bankable assets
  • Borrowers with a pre-arranged investor base
  • Borrowers with bespoke private placement transactions


  • Time to market is convenient and practical compared to other structures (Securitization vehicles do not qualify as an Alternate Investment Fund or AIF within the meaning of the AIFM Law)
  • Full service "plug-and-play" issuance vehicle
  • Required service providers are engaged continuously, ensuring a short time to market
  • Global corporate reach in case SPV's in different countries are needed to link the investment to the securitization setup
  • No issuer risks
  • Flexibility of the product
  • Delta one performance on the underlying


  • Issuer
  • Administration agent
  • Calculation agent
  • Documentation agent


  • Exchange listing of the securitization bonds/certificates
  • Trading platform for AMCs
  • Foreign SPV services when required
  • Security agent
  • Security trustee


  • A global and experienced capital markets team with structured finance and funds knowledge
  • Expertise throughout the lifecycle of client's transactions
  • Option to have full issuance program services or just SPV services
  • Proactive, commercial with a collaborative approach
  • Work with trusted partners globally
  • Local support speaking your language
  • Competitive pricing



Our global reach and local market expertise provide clients with options for their transactions. We are established in the major financial hubs in Asia, LatAm, and Europe, offering a pan-regional approach in supporting our clients wherever they elect to conduct their business. Clients can increase their efficiency by focusing on revenue while we provide administrative and structured finance solutions. Our operating model enables greater flexibility in meeting client needs.


For more information:

Diego Pesciatini
Managing Director-Amicorp Switzerland
Tel.: +41 44 252 0880

Jorge Pérez Lozano
Commercial Director-Amicorp Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 262 7431

Remko van Ekelen
Securitization Specialist-Amicorp Switzerland
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