Amicorp Mexico: Solutions For Private Clients

At Amicorp, we offer a wide range of services for private clients. These solutions range from assisting in the execution of investments, implementing international structures, incorporating companies through to the administration and management of companies, ensuring accounting, tax, and legal compliance. We provide personalized service and tailor our offerings to the needs of our clients.




Protecting the assets and wealth you have spent a lifetime building is very important. At Amicorp, we offer a wide range of estate and succession planning solutions that allow families’ wealth to transcend in time from one generation to the next.

Our experts have the local regulatory knowledge and extensive experience in international asset structuring
and can assist you in protecting your interests and assets worldwide.

In coordination with local and international tax, inheritance, and estate planning experts, Amicorp can establish and manage estate and inheritance structures.

We are strategically positioned to complement intermediary solutions in investment structuring, commercial transactions, asset protection, tax planning, business succession, and estate planning. We can assist with trusts, foundations, partnerships and associations in jurisdictions that include: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Curaçao among others.


Asset protection is an essential strategy for wealth preservation against a wide range of potential legal,
financial, business, and political uncertainty risks.

At Amicorp, we have decades of experience developing asset protection strategies that include incorporating
and managing international trusts while ensuring the maintenance of decision-making.

Our focus is customer satisfaction, which is based on a deep understanding of personal and business needs
through close collaboration. We develop long-term relationships based on trust and efficiency in response to
our client’s needs.


We are constantly developing new structuring alternatives, adapting to continuous changes in international and
domestic regulations worldwide, providing our clients with innovative options for regulatory compliance as they are generated.

We work with a wide network of top law firms, tax advisors and financial professionals throughout the country to benefit our clients.

We implement tailored solutions to optimize the financial and legal position of our clients. These solutions may
include the incorporation of entities, investment vehicles, special purpose vehicles, or corporate structures for the use of specific transactions.

For clients with previous structures, we support their evaluation, restructuring or relocation, ensuring their correct tax compliance.


Amicorp has provided fiduciary and financial services internationally since 1992. Amicorp Mexico specializes in guarantee trusts, being an autonomous and independent trustee of any financial group, and distinguishing itself by:

  • Offering personalized attention
  • Incorporating trusts faster than any other trust institution
  • Competitive prices
  • Strict risk control and money laundering prevention processes

Among some of the solutions most in demand by the Mexican market in which we participate as Trustees are:

Guarantee Trust - Real Estate Developments
The parties involved in the project (generally the owner of the land and the developer/constructor) can be sure that the proceeds of the sale of the real estate development will be used under the terms and conditions that they have agreed upon, being able to additionally serve as a guaranteed vehicle for obtaining bridging loans.

Credit Guarantee Trust
The settlor transfers the ownership of one or more assets or rights to the trustee so that in the event of a breach of the credit operation, the trustee proceeds to carry out the extrajudicial disposal of the assets and the proceeds of such sale the amounts owed are covered.


  • Global company with local presence
  • Focus on quality of service
  • Almost three decades of experience
  • Single point of contact

We offer overall flexibility adjusting to the needs of each client so that you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the rest.


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