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Amicorp Germany: Shelf companies

A shelf company in Germany is a legal entity that is already incorporated and has no previous business activities. Buying a shelf company is the easiest and fastest way for your business to become operative in Germany. Read more

Amicorp Dubai: Residency in the UAE

Individuals wanting to relocate to the UAE can find several ways to relocate, including flexible visa options. The UAE is quite progressive and has recently introduced new policies to make it easier for individuals and businesses to move there and stay long-term. Read more

Amicorp UK: Capital Markets - Escrow Trust Arrangements

Parties can use an escrow arrangement as a way of mitigating counterparty risk on commercial transactions. The item (s) in escrow are safeguarded by a trusted neutral 3rd party. Amicorp (UK) Limited is set up as a Trust Corporation and can act as the neutral party by using a trust arrangement. Read more

Amicorp Mexico - Fiduciary Services

For clients requiring security for business transactions in Mexico, Amicorp Mexico, S.A. DE C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R. has a team that focuses on providing specialized fiduciary solutions. We offer our clients a range of services that include guarantee trusts, collateral & security agency, and escrow services. Read more

Amicorp Malta - Residence Programs

Maltese immigration law provides several citizen options and offers several residence programs to benefit both EU/EEA/Swiss nationals and non-EU nationals. The programs allow individuals and families to relocate to Malta or to hold residency status in Malta. Read more

Amicorp Malta - Enhanced Corporate Service Offering

International business today opens a new era of complex regulatory compliance and global tax development requirements. These developments are forcing corporations to take action in order to become and remain compliant with the ever-changing regulatory environment. Read more

Amicorp Malta - Yacht Registration

Malta's reputation as an experienced, reliable, and efficient maritime jurisdiction has positioned Malta as the largest ship register in the European Union. Its strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean, natural harbors, and services such as shipbuilding and repair, freeport, bunkering, ship supplies, and towage have made Malta a leading maritime hub. Read more

Amicorp Capital Markets - Process Agent Services (Germany)

A Process Agent is a local agent in a foreign jurisdiction where the client does not have a presence but has entered legal documents governed by that jurisdiction. The client has to appoint a local agent to accept court papers from that jurisdiction on its behalf. Read more

Amicorp Luxembourg - Our Services

Depending on your business setup and investment requirements, we can provide a full range of support solutions in and out of multiple jurisdictions. Our services allow clients to increase their efficiency by focusing on their core activities and investment performance while providing dedicated compliance, administrative and structured finance solutions.Read more

Alternative Asset Management - Singapore VCC

The Variable Capital Company (VCC) is a recent investment fund innovation, launched in January 2020 and aimed at increasing Singapore’s attractiveness as a competitive asset management hub in Asia. It is geared towards investors and fund managers looking for a jurisdiction which provides a strong legal environment, efficiency, long-term stability, easy access, cost benefits and tax efficiency.Read more

Amicorp Germany: Our Services

Depending on the business setup and client requirements, we can provide a full range of support solutions in and out of multiple jurisdictions. Our services allow our clients to increase their efficiency by focusing on revenue while providing administrative and other structured finance solutions. Our corporate structure and operating model enable greater flexibility in meeting client needs: Amicorp, your independent service providerRead more

Amicorp Group: Capital Market - Securitizations Services

Are you an asset manager wanting to pool your clients' assets in an asset management company or a borrower with a bespoke private placement transaction? Through our full-service Luxembourg-based issuance provider, we can enable a smooth issuance; issuances are in accordance with the Luxembourg securitizations Law of March 22, 2004.Read more

Capital Markets - Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

Navigating complex structures in an ever-changing environment of increasingly stringent regulators and governance frameworks has never been more complicated, let alone the more transparent reporting requirements.Read more

Amicorp Luxembourg : Capital Market - Securitization Services

Today, Luxembourg is the largest European securitization and fund domicile and the second largest fund center in the world after the US. A look at the ECB statistics for international comparison (Euro area), clearly confirms that Luxembourg remains one of the leading centers for securitization and structured finance vehicles.Read more

Amicorp Group: Capital Market - Trustees Services

Companies intending to issue bonds or notes to raise finance might benefit by using a trust structure. In such a setup, the company can appoint a trustee to act on behalf of the investors. The trustee then can deal with minor amendments and waive certain requirements rather than the company having to direct themselves to the investors individually.Read more

Amicorp Group: Capital Market - Agency Services

Since the global banking crisis, banks have had to adapt to and comply with a raft of regulations which initially led to a reduction in lending to small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) and mid-cap corporates. This lending gap in the market was quickly filled by direct lending firms, Peer-2-Peer lending operators, and crowdfunding platforms offering alternative funding to lenders, helping sustain the global economy.Read more

Amicorp UK: Capital Markets

Companies increasingly face complex challenges when wanting to stay competitive amidst, many times, changing but also uncertain conditions and are more in need than ever of assistance to help them navigate the new economic business landscape.Read more

Goodbyes are tough

Proper estate planning involves determining how an individual’s assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death. Estate planning is implemented to assist the loved ones left behind to navigate through the already challenging processes.Read more

Mexico Amicorp Group: A Family Fund

Many entrepreneurial families have diverse business interests and productive assets spread over one or more emerging markets countries. Those assets generally are difficult to leverage or finance and even more challenging to liquidize.Read more

Mexico Solutions For Private Clients

At Amicorp, we offer a wide range of services for private clients. These solutions range from assisting in the execution of investments, implementing international structures, incorporating companies through to the administration and management of companies, ensuring accounting, tax, and legal compliance. We provide personalized service and tailor our offerings to the needs of our clients.Read more

Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

In this day and age, managing a business can be complicated. Business owners are torn between revenue-generating activities to obtain a competitive advantage and the operational and financial roles within the organization. We provide flexible working models which provide valuable support, and cater to your diverse operating requirements.Read more

Instant Globalization Services

Going global with your business may bring many new challenges for you and your organization including lack of cost control, increased risks, and other complexities. Speed and ease to market, full compliance, and operational visibility are essential.Read more

Succession planning for women

Succession planning is a must for every woman. No matter what religion one follows you can still have concerns about who gets what out of your estate. How do you make sure that the right and deserving heir gets their due and when? A woman portrays multiple roles, but the most important role considered by her is that of a mother.Read more

Process Agent Services

A Process Agent is a local agent in a foreign jurisdiction where the client does not have a presence but has entered legal documents governed by that jurisdiction. The client appoints this local agent to accept court papers from that jurisdiction on its behalf.Read more

Employee share or option trusts

Listed and unlisted corporate clients will often look to incentivize and retain their talent by offering benefits that are linked to the value of the business they contribute to.Read more