Reporting an investment fund

Adequate, precise, and exact reports, with relevant information for the manager of an investment fund, and the client, is a key factor in making timely and correct decisions in the administration of a fund.

Being aware of the importance of this factor, we are here to support you independently and make available reports of:

  • Main positions within the fund
  • Historical price position within the fund (AUM)
  • Daily transactions
  • Profitability
  • Historical profitability performance
  • Main investors
  • Balances

Amicorp Fund Services focuses on Administration, Structuring, and Back Office services for Investment Fund Managers (all categories), SAFIS, Mutual Fund Institutions, or institutions that manage investment funds for third parties, with a service made to the measure of each client. We also offer you special domiciliation services, directors, and special Private Equity vehicles.

Amicorp Fund Services is part of the Amicorp Group family, a global company with a presence in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, focused on providing support and Outsourcing services to companies from various economic sectors.

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