360° blockchain service offering

From enterprise blockchain adoption to the rise of decentralized finance, it seems like the blockchain landscape is rapidly evolving in different ways. Blockchain technology is meanwhile revolutionizing the world in various sectors, including art, crypto banking, crypto exchanges, custody providers, market makers, platform and protocols, token issuance companies, and venture capital.

Comprehending the disruptive digital space and implications of new business models in the current landscape can be challenging and quite complex. We have professionals in several jurisdictions who are knowledgeable and can help you to apply this technology to drive your transformation into the future.


Switzerland is considered one of the most stable economies globally. With its progressive legislation, attractive tax regime, and developed bank infrastructure, Switzerland is seen as a secure and attractive jurisdiction for international investors and setting up businesses related to cryptocurrencies. Switzerland is one of the first countries to have shown a positive attitude toward Bitcoin. Indeed, it has just become the first major financial center with a full set of laws governing blockchain commerce.

In Switzerland, cryptocurrency regulation provides support for investments, ICOs, and developments, a fact that makes it one of the most attractive places in the world to set up a structure dedicated to this type of technology.


Zug is one of the 26 Swiss cantons and is home to the Crypto Valley Association (CVA), an association of Fintech ventures and individuals, which has promoted the Swiss crypto space's growth. The organization has lobbied Swiss regulators for years, which has translated in:

  • Advanced regulation environment, which significantly simplifies the management at an operational level
  • Straightforward access to funding and historical strength in financial services
  • Strong community and ecosystem with a large talent pool
  • Deep-seated culture of privacy protection and decentralized institutions, a natural fit for blockchain technologies of the future
  • Friendly, accessible, and supportive government, tax authorities, and banks (AAA)
  • Attractive tax system with an extensive tax treaty network, convenient corporate tax rates, and the possibility to obtain certainty of taxation through advanced rulings
  • Other tax benefits such as the patent box regime with a relief of 90% and an additional deduction of 50% on R&D costs are applicable

With our expert knowledge on structures, finance, legal and compliance, and our abundant experience in doing business in over 30 countries and associations in at least another 40, we will support you coordinating:


  • Project plan
  • Design and development of business and financial strategy, operating model and sales strategy
  • Tax, legal and regulatory analysis


  • Incorporation of the entity
  • Set-up of the IT and physical structure: staffing, premises
  • Directorship and corporate governance
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements: KYC & AML, FATCA & CRS, audit, licensing, risk management


  • Banking support: custody, tokenization, trading, lending, asset management
  • Operational support: administration and ongoing maintenance of the structure to keep in good standing, including accounting & FS, back office, legal work, CFO services


Our solution is a 360º accompaniment throughout a tailor-made holistic process of analyzing, implementing, and managing your project.

We provide a dedicated service offering combining various fields of expertise in one powerful package offering an end-to-end approach.

Because of Amicorp's global network, our 40+ offices in over 30 countries, we can provide full international coverage on your blockchain-related matters.

As your trusted business partner, we can guide you through all the different steps, from planning to execution, a one-stop-shop in alliance with prestigious firms to offer integrated services guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

blockchain service offering

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