Secure the Future of Your Special Needs Child

Have you ever thought what could happen to your special needs child should you and your spouse no longer be around? As long as one of the parents are still alive, your child’s needs and requirements will easily be met. But the moment both are gone, dealing with the continuity requires utmost care and sincerity.

A Special-Needs Trust is a safe place to park assets for your child. It allows the parent to set aside money for their loved ones living with a disability.

In cases where children are not able to inherit and manage the assets on their own, a Special-Needs Trust is the best place to park assets for the benefit of these recipients.

We at Amicorp specialize in all types of Trusts and can assist you in setting up a Special-Needs Trust, and we can manage this for you as a Trustee.

We work closely with the family to understand the child´s needs, and the kind of treatment given to the child. We can assist in coordinating with the family doctors, paying the medical bills, maintaining the child's day-to-day needs, and looking after the assets by working closely with the investment advisory for the benefit of the child.

No one can replace a parent, but we at Amicorp try to do everything that a parent would have done for their child had they been around.

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