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Presents investors with an opportunity to make a positive impact on endangered animal species by saving a family of 6 elephants.

Amicorp Group is committed to help drive social impact. How can you, your family or your company invest time, money and expertise into making a positive impact with identifiable projects which have clear goals? At Amicorp we work hand in hand with trusted partners to bring you such opportunities. Our unique service provides a one-stop solution to running philanthropy, charity and corporate social responsibility programs in meaningful, effective, easy and measurable ways. Together with Shared Universe Ventures, one of our partners, we are offering a social impact investment opportunity in which you can make a difference, a positive impact, to endangered wildlife in Africa.

Help Save the Elephants

A beautiful family of six majestic elephants will be culled unless they can be transported from their current location to a new home. Shared Universe Ventures (SUV) Ltd, needs to raise USD 170,000 at short notice for electrifying the fence around their new 7221 hectares (17800 acres) home as well as their transportation. Right now, the elephants are in a smaller private reserve, they have outgrown, and where their needs can no longer be met. Shared Universe Ventures can adopt all 6 animals for free, on condition that it can fund the transportation and electrification costs (USD 30,000 is needed to transport the elephants from their current location and a further USD 140,000 is required to electrify 43 kilometers of fence to meet standards to protect the family).

We are battling deadlines to liberate these majestic animals from their death sentence. The preparation expenditures are significant, to meet established Big 5 game codes so the family can go about their lives in a protected safe haven. This is literally a labor of love.

Throughout Africa, over 20,000 elephants were killed for ivory in 2015. The mission of Shared Universe is to fundamentally safeguard elephants, rhinos and other endangered wildlife. This family of elephants needs decision makers - now. We have one chance and the countdown in underway. Will you help this family of 6 defenseless elephants?

What will you receive in return?

The greatest reward is the satisfaction knowing that you helped save these animals from certain death. Moreover, for every USD 10,000 invested, you will receive a share in SUV and be welcomed into the game breeding circle that entitles you to accommodation at the exclusive, 4* Mopane Bush Lodge. Discounts on accommodation and consumables at Mopane Bush Lodge, including use of game drive vehicles. And the opportunity to build your own personal lodge within the game reserve. Also accommodation is interchangeable at the luxurious Alpasión Lodge (one of SUV partners) located in the beautiful wine valley of Mendoza, Argentina.

In addition when investing the following amounts you will also be entitled to:

  • USD 10K-50K: a nomination on the website;
  • USD 50K-100K: presence on SUV’s Shareholder wall of fame and rights to short movies with reserve/animals for promotional purposes;
  • USD 100K-200K: name a vehicle after the donor; a nomination on the reserve itself (Donor wall of fame); rights to short movies with reserve/animals for promotional purposes;
  • USD 200K or more: name a building/enclosure after the donor; a nomination on the reserve itself (Donor wall of fame); rights to short movies with reserve/animals for promotional purposes.

This is a unique opportunity to own an exclusive part of South Africa dedicated to the conservation of endangered animals, including Big 5 game. With your impact investment, we can create hope for the animals and their habitat and ultimately jobs for local families. At almost 18,000 acres with opportunities for further growth, this is the biggest private farm in the Limpopo Valley region.

At Shared Universe Ventures, every aspect of activities from a management and operational perspective is focused on legacy and creating a bright future for endangered animals and everybody associated with it. Shared Universe is an investment fund investing in and protecting critically endangered species. It was established in February 2014, and has attracted investors from eight countries on five continents including South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, the Netherlands and Argentina.

About Shared Universe Ventures

Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. (BVI company registration no. 1811442) was founded on February 2014 with a mission to protect endangered species, and a vision to become the best rhino conservancy of Africa. It is a listed investment fund and operates the 7,220 hectare Mapesu Private Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd. in Limpopo Province in South Africa, part of the Limpopo Valley Conservancy and borders with the Mapungubwe National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the website at: and join the social media community for updates:

More about our Social Impact Services

At Amicorp we have experience in running our own corporate foundation and impact projects around the world. We can advise you on defining and setting goals related to financial returns and social outcomes. We also identify which types of investments that deliver the greatest impact in your area of interest and guide you through structuring these investments, and measuring your social impact as well as defining your personal role in the investment effort.

At Amicorp our team of highly qualified social impact experts can support you with all your requirements in your drive to deliver social impact. Our team is supported by many experts within Amicorp, and given our global presence we can deliver truly local knowledge in your social impact drive.

Reach out to us directly or take a look on our website for more on how we can help you with other social impact solutions to meet your needs.

Sue Meng Chan

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Director of Sustainable development
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