Utilizing Amicorp’s platform for your Financial Statements

Utilizing Amicorp’s platform for your Financial Statements

Amicorp’s platform can assist you with managing your financial statements, and by offering a world of streamlined solutions to ensure you are in compliance with IFRS.

We deliver monthly reports as well as the set of annual financial statements, which are composed mainly of the following reports:

  • Profit and Loss Accounts;
  • Balance Sheet;
  • General Ledger; and
  • Trial Balance.

This keeps comprehensive and reliable records for shareholders, owners, management, and other stakeholder to be informed about the company’s financial position. It also aids in verifying information that needs clarification from the auditor of financial statements. Additional reports and services can also be generated, depending on the business and needs of the client as mentioned below:

  • Cash Reports;
  • Detail Reports;
  • Performance Reports;
  • Position Reports;
  • Financial Ratios;
  • XBRL Reports;
  • Payroll processing (including leave management, retrieval of pay-slips, year-end summaries);
  • Handling of pension contributions;
  • Calculations of specific financial ratios; and
  • Linking of client bank accounts to the system.


All your financial accounts in the cloud

  • Setting up of generic chart of accounts;
  • Setting up bank accounts and assistance for automatic bank feeds;
  • Assigning of user access levels; and
  • User log-ins for all users.

Benefits of Accounting in the cloud

  • One time set-up fee;
  • No upgrade fees, no annual contracts;
  • Unlimited customer support;
  • Access anywhere, any time; and
  • Automatic backups.

 At a glance: the Dashboard

  • Summary of all bank accounts’ details and balances;
  • Summary of money coming in and moving out;
  • Watch list of accounts you specifically want to monitor;
  • Transactions details; and
  • Every report you need at a click of a button.


No data entry

Data feeds flows automatically to XERO from banks and other business software. Clients can enjoy real-time access to their transactions where bank reconciliation ensures up to date records.

Single Ledger

Businesses and their accounting professionals share the same set of financial data with no version control and no file transfer issues.

Integrated Payroll

Payroll data flawlessly flows to the ledger in XERO.

Flexible Reporting

Nice web-based reports that allow businesses to better understand their own financial position and performance. Export reports as PDF or Excel with complete cell formatting and formulas.

Extending XERO with add-ons

Can connect to more than a hundred add-ons that allows customers to create a solution that is right for them.

Unlimited Users

Organizations can invite as many people into XERO as they need to help ensure efficient operations, at no additional cost with controlling the access of these additional users.

Easy conversions

Easily convert QB data file to XERO at no cost.

24/7 unlimited support

Free unlimited support delivered through emails, comprehensive online help and online communities.

Secure and Private

All accounting information is stored on highly secured corporate grade servers that are automatically backed up.


For further information, please contact:

Hanno de Vriend

Director – Amicorp Outsourcing Services
+34 932 082 581