Revised DTA between Cyprus and India: structuring your inbound investments through Cyprus

On 18th November 2016 a revised agreement between Cyprus and India for the avoidance of double taxation (DTA) was signed which will replace the existing DTA that was signed by the two countries in June 1994. Learn more

Amicorp offers Bahamian ICON Funds

An ideal cost efficient private label fund solution for Latin American clients. Amicorp has established a number of Bahamian ICON funds for various Brazilian and Mexican clients. ICON funds are cost efficient and ideal private label funds for all types of clients.Learn more

Amicorp’s Retirement Portfolio solutions. Managing your retirement portfolio for estate planning purposes.

At Amicorp we have been successfully offering retirement and estate planning portfolio solutions to our clients who want a simpler and more cost efficient product. We see that some clients have become uneasy with “offshore” solutions and structures (Panama leaks and Bahamas leaks), and are instead increasingly interested in investing their wealth in a retirement fund, which provides most of the tax deferral and succession planning advantages that most offshore structures do.Learn more

ACF deepens its social impact in Desa Les with a hospitality skills training center

Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF) forges on with plans to deepen its positive impact in Desa Les and to help turn dreams of a better life into a reality for many who live there. The game-changing training center will deliver hospitality education and skills-building that will contribute to the building of an inclusive economy, and ensuring that those at the bottom of the pyramid can have a stake in.Learn more

ACF completes a four-year long social impact project in Bali, Indonesia, lifting thousands to better lives.

In early 2016 we successfully completed our most important social impact project to date: the kamar mandi project. This has been a four-year long sanitation project where we helped to bring dignity, better health, hygiene, safety and economic empowerment to more than one third of the community of Desa Les in the north Bali regency of Buleleng.Learn more

Voluntary Disclosure Programs and how Amicorp can assist in their filing for your clients

Worldwide there are numerous Voluntary Disclosure Programs (VDP) in place. These are often also called a tax amnesty. In the era of Common Reporting Standards these are likely to be the last of the major voluntary disclosure and tax amnesty programs. Learn more

Amicorp’s Data Sourcing and Analysis Services

Amicorp is specialized in the sourcing of data from various origins across the web, as well as analyzing, translating and handling of this data into the required format. Learn more

The Chilean Private Investment Fund (“FIP”)

Amicorp Funds Services is a fund administrator with a presence in Chile (Administradora de fondos de inversion Amicorp SA) which with the advice of external legal offices is creating Private Investment Fund structures and is responsible for the operational activities of these, whilst the investment is determined by the external fund manager. (Amicorp does not provide investment advice). Learn more

Utilizing Amicorp’s platform for your Financial Statements

Amicorp’s platform can assist you with managing your financial statements, and by offering a world of streamlined solutions to ensure you are in compliance with IFRS.Learn more

The New Luxembourg Reserved Alternative Investment Fund

On July 14th 2016 the Luxembourg Parliament voted and approved the Law concerning the implementation of the new investment fund regime, known as the “Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)”Learn more

Amicorp participates in launch of Umbrella Fund for Impact Investments

Amicorp Luxembourg is pleased to announce that we have participated in the launch of a new Luxembourg Multi-Compartment Umbrella Fund for Impact Investments (European Impact Investing Platform SICAV-SIF).Learn more

Amicorp Social Impact Solutions Services

Presents investors with an opportunity to make a positive impact on endangered animal species by saving a family of 6 elephants.Learn more

Routing investments in India through the Netherlands

Further to the latest developments in relation to the protocol signed between India and Mauritius and consequent taxation of capital gains on the sale of Indian companies, the Netherlands can continue to be a preferred jurisdiction for routing investments in India due to its full participation exemption on dividends and capital gains derived from a qualifying shareholding in an Indian subsidiary, generally a shareholding of at least 5 per cent.Learn more

Chinese Fund Administration Reporting just around the corner

Traditional and Simplified Chinese funds administration reportingLearn more

Amicorp launches Cayman Islands Desk in Hong Kong

Amicorp has seen an increased demand from our Asia market for Cayman products and services. Learn more