Amicorp launches Cayman Islands Desk in Hong Kong


Amicorp has seen an increased demand from our Asia market for Cayman products and services. In an effort to address that growing demand, and the challenges posed by the different time zones and languages involved, a Cayman desk in our Hong Kong office was established in January of this year.

Amicorp’s Cayman Islands Desk offers Cayman products in a timely fashion, addressing your clients’ trust or structuring solution requirements. For the Asian market the Caymans is particularly important for trusts, funds and companies.

Our Cayman desk is headed by Agnes Tsang who previously worked at the Cayman Desk for the law firm Maples in Hong Kong and who is fluent in multiple languages. From Hong Kong we have direct access to the various Government systems in the Cayman Islands.

Advantages of using Amicorp’s Cayman Islands Desk in Hong Kong:

  • English, Cantonese and Mandarin speaking Cayman trained staff who ensure faster onboarding of clients
  • As much work as possible will be handled on the ground in Hong Kong with final review/sign off/approval from Amicorp Cayman within 24 hours
  • A dedicated Account Manager in the Cayman will assist our staff with any matters that require immediate action in the Cayman Islands
  • Companies have the ability to name search in Hong Kong
  • With Trusts, the ability to draft letter of wishes in dual language – Mandarin and others
  • With Funds, we have the ability to do formations of the underlying entities

These advantages make Amicorp Cayman Islands Desk the preferred home for intermediaries and clients in Asia. The Cayman products we have seen the greatest interest in from Hong Kong and China include:

  • Cayman Islands Exempted Company
  • Cayman LP
  • STAR Trust
  • Grantor Trust Declaration of Trust
  • Cayman Mutual Fund

Brian Elders

For more information on how our Cayman Islands desk can assist you please contact:

Brian Elders

Head - Corporate Clients (Asia)

Bonnie Ho

Bonnie Ho

Sales Director - Hong Kong (Cantonese)

Jiajia Su

Jiajia Su (Kelly)

Sales Director - Shanghai (Mandarin)