Amicorp’s Retirement Portfolio solutions. Managing your retirement portfolio for estate planning purposes


At Amicorp we have been successfully offering retirement and estate planning portfolio solutions to our clients who want a simpler and more cost efficient product. We see that some clients have become uneasy with “offshore” solutions and structures (Panama leaks and Bahamas leaks), and are instead increasingly interested in investing their wealth in a retirement fund, which provides most of the tax deferral and succession planning advantages that most offshore structures do.

We work with a leading independent provider of specialty insurance which offers this “onshore” solution from Puerto Rico for high net worth clients and business owners. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, there are no FATCA or CRS reporting requirements, which also makes the solution more cost-effective, and much simpler to establish and manage than, for instance, International Business Companies with a separate custodian bank and External Asset Manager. One annual fee covers the insurance policy, the custodian bank, and the asset manager.

We recognize the need for a retirement solution for business owners who wish to transition their lives from active pursuit of capital growth to passive receipt of accumulated income. Our solution is an innovative Retirement Savings Plan that provides for both income in the latter part of life and efficient transfer of wealth to future generations of family members. Premiums should be between USD 1 million and USD 5 million.

Key benefits

This is a highly standardized and therefore cost efficient product with limited investment choices (4 fund profiles), with asset protection as a result of a segregated cell structure and therefore suitable for clients with assets between USD 1 -5 million.

Clients will be charged a one-time establishment fee and an annual maintenance fee, and will not have to pay separately for asset management or custodian fees.

Separate Retirement Funds can be set-up for specific intermediaries / clients, who wish to bring in a portfolio of clients (though a minimum combined asset base would be required).

Premium in USD Establishment fee Annual maintenance

1,000,000 – 2,499,999



2,500,000 – 5,000,000



And for greater asset protection and diversity of assets

If even greater asset protection is the key motivating factor, combined with the inclusions of different asset classes (marketable securities such as stocks, bonds and funds, but also alternative investments such as private equity and operating companies), flexible death coverage and asset protection due to a segregated cell structure, we also have the solution for you. Again, our pricing is a simple fixed annual fee.

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