Amicorp launches Social Impact Solutions


For your CSR and Social Impact Solutions needs, reach out to your key source of expertise: Amicorp’s Social Impact Solutions.

We know that driving social impact, or investing your time, money and expertise into making a positive impact on society, is highly appealing to many. Yet it can also be a daunting prospect. The field is crowded with organizations asserting their championed causes. Today there is a dearth of information and expertise about social impact, along with a lack of structure and clarity on goals. Trying to make a difference is often frustrating and disenchanting, when it should be a meaningful experience.

What is needed is a trusted partner who is highly qualified to advise you in defining and setting goals related to financial returns and social outcomes. One who can identify which types of investments offer the greatest impact in your area of interest and guide you through structuring these investments, and measuring your social impact as well as defining your personal role in the investment effort.

At Amicorp our team of highly qualified social impact experts can support you with all your requirements in your drive to deliver social impact. Our team is supported by many experts within Amicorp, and given our global presence we can deliver truly local knowledge in your social impact investment drive.

You will be able to take advantage of our expertise through our service offering which includes:

  • Translating causes of interest into tangible opportunities
  • Identification of your specific social impact goals and project creation
  • Planning for multi-generational and peer involvement
  • Developing your CSR/Sustainability business strategy
  • Implementing different approaches for social impact
  • Measuring social impact efforts
  • Opportunity to use the Amicorp Community Foundation as an umbrella for your social impact actions
  • Access a portfolio of projects that are free of administrative charges where 100% of your giving goes directly to impact creation.

Sue Meng Chan

Reach out and start the conversation today with your Amicorp liaison or Amicorp’s Social Impact Solutions team.

Sue Meng Chan

Director – Sustainable Development - Singapore