Partnering with Amicorp

Partnering with Amicorp
Brochure and independent research released

Offering the industry’s most efficient onboarding, white labelled and outsourced fiduciary services model to financial service firms.

Amicorp is highlighting this release since it deals with the fundamental questions of how global financial institutions assess the future delivery of fiduciary services within the context of their broader wealth management offering.

This represents more than a brochure or capability statement – it contains unique research conducted by Amicorp Institutional Sales and Scorpio Partnership (the global wealth management consultancy) on banks attitudes towards partnering, white labelling and outsourcing, providing an explanation of these three business models, and the strategic options and choices that banks face in terms of how to best deliver fiduciary services in the future.

The research covers:

  • Our commitment to partnering: onboarding and white labelling
  • Amicorp: offering the industry’s most efficient onboarding model
  • Amicorp’s unique experience and partnering capabilities
  • Partnering supported by independent research
  • Amicorp’s research-driven approach: “The Future of Trust”
  • Partnering: An increasing trend
  • The Onboarding process
  • Amicorp’s offering

Upon reading this, you will also appreciate why more than half of the top 10 global private banks choose Amicorp as their preferred services provider.

Partnering supported by independent research

Recent independent research evaluating the future of the trust industry stretching beyond 2020 confirms the approach that Amicorp is taking. Partnering with Amicorp will complement the growth objectives of global private banks.

We have carried out extensive research (partly in association with the leading global wealth consultancy Scorpio Partnership) so that we can anticipate the future of the trust industry’s requirements through to 2020 and beyond. We have developed additional jurisdictions and increased our professional expertise in our constant commitment to service excellence in our outsourced operating model. This is designed to meet your needs in the changing global wealth industry.

Amicorp Institutional Sales are using this brochure and research at conferences and roundtables, so that given time constraints during sessions, participants will have most of their questions answered by reading this document, and can then continue the conversation with Amicorp.

The research can be downloaded here.

In addition our research has been further supported by the outcomes of the roundtables held this year with banking leaders in Singapore, Hong Kong, Miami, New York, Mumbai, Zurich and London, with Sao Paulo to be held later this year. You can read the summaries of the output of each roundtable discussion on the future for fiduciary services in the following Hubbis publications:

Amicorp’s Institutional Sales Unit

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