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February, 2015
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Dear Aminews readers,

We are writing you today to talk about a remarkable social campaign and a great project that will achieve the best returns for a community.

Sometimes, we regard social campaigns as a waste of money because we do not see their sustainability in the long run. However, Amicorp Community Center (ACC) is an exponent of "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".  ACC is creating a School for students from low or no-income families in Bali, in a Northern community called Les. There they will be taught food and beverage service, cooking, and life skills in order to work in the hospitality industry, as well as being taught in the English language. The Amicorp Community Foundation has invested over USD 400,000 in the project – but more funds are now required – and we are writing to you in the hope that you or your company can step in as well. You can contribute as little as USD $100 to this worthwhile project.

By clicking on this link and going to our partner’s website, Mynbest, you will be able to donate an amount between €100 and €500,000. All donations are very much appreciated. For donations of €5,000 and upwards there are donation packs with various rewards included. The website also discusses the projects in more depth.

Commit to helping the less fortunate

We are looking forward to your commitment.

More about ACC in Bali

ACC is established in Desa Les, Buleleng Regency in North Bali and the goal is to deliver high quality vocational and life skills training for young people from low and no income families. ACC’s mission is to create opportunities for young people by providing training, initially in the fields of service and hospitality and eventually in cultural heritage preservation, and creating awareness in these students and their community of the need for environmental sustainability.

The location has been chosen because there are a number of infrastructure investments being made by the government to encourage tourism. These including a new toll road, an airport and an island railway, which will bring visitors to the north. This creates the need for the trained personnel that the ACC will help to provide.

Your donation will enable ACC to develop a vocational center in Buleleng to deliver training which will help alleviate hardship for the poverty stricken Northern Balinese who would otherwise sink deeper into hunger and poverty. For young, often under aged girls, poverty leads them to being victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

ACC is a non-profit center dedicated to preparing young people (aged 15–24) from low or no income families from northern Bali to capitalize on employment from the influx of hotels expected to be established in the area once the new airport and toll road are opened in 2018, along with the intra-island railway. Employment in the much sought after cruise industry is also anticipated – cruise ship employers provide relatively high income to south-east Asians.

With 10 classrooms that are able to accommodate between 10 and 40 students per class, ACC aims to initially deliver eight training hours a day per student and conduct training in the kitchen and restaurant as well. In addition, ACC will create employment for approximately 15 people at the center for administrative, teaching and gardening staff.

The four main training programs will be:

  • Service in the hospitality industry, focusing on food and beverage, cooking, housekeeping and front office.
  • Life skills, including English, computer competency and Living Values Education (LVE).
  • Cultural heritage preservation.
  • Permaculture Sustainable Agriculture.

Our vision can only succeed with your support and funding. One-time costs for setting up the center amount to USD 1.5 million. A further inflow of USD 500,000 is required to meet the center’s operational costs. In 2014, Amicorp Community Foundation allocated USD 400,000 for this project with a view that the balance will be raised from other partnerships and donations including raising funds from our people, existing clients, vendors, public trusts and foundations, as well as individuals like yourself. Our aim is to ensure the self-sufficiency and economic viability of the center within 10 years time.

We thank you for your generous support.

Warm Regards, 

Amicorp Community Foundation

  Sue Meng Chan
Director – Sustainable Development

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